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Hello everyone,

Some news from GOAPSYRECORDS ! we have just welcomed Olivier alias "virtual sun" in the label which has caused a change in production!
Olivier has also studied sound engineer but followed more intensively than me mastering courses school! 
we remastered for the occasion all the pieces of the label ABLASS, CODEXA, TERA AMATA, Z-KREL, everything was updated in BANDCAMP on the pages of the artists label,
we won on the precision of the sound in the low frequencies that is why we all made the decision to do it!

If you bought your tracks from one of the artists of label, contact me by mail "ablass@hotmail.fr" with the justificatory I retransfered the piece concerned.

We are really sorry for this but we have gained so much in production that it's worth it!
if you know the pieces well we make returns.

At the same time, we are announcing the upcoming release of TERA AMATA's first album, CODEXA, and 1 new ABLASS album is also in preparation.
the project Z-KREL should release us a second piece of hell and VIRTUAL SUN the new kid who we make a first progressive track, waiting for other pieces!

Thank you for supporting GOAPSYRECORDS and all music psychedelic artists in general, we wish to continue to make you dance and travel on the rhythm of the music label !

Thank you all and see you soon for some new songs!



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