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Escape Into - The Mirror (Ektoplazm)

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1. Ancient Language

2. Purpose

3. Fading Definitions

4. The Eolian

5. Mosaik - Melo (Escape Into Remix)

6. Another World


The Mirror is Escape Into's third offering, once again a nice portion of tracks from two guys de Rio de Janeiro. While the first two EPs - or first album if you will - surprised with powerful rollercoaster trance and a heavy tone of humour, this one here is a harmonious trip through different soundscapes of downtempo music. Of course you recognize the duo's earlier work, their ability to tell a story with skillful arrangements and good sense of timing is here also very present and shine through every minute of this release. Emphasis on melodious parts and a overall cinematic feel give the whole compositions an entertaining touch. Sadly, this doesn't rock so much anymore, i miss the power and craziness, the funny turns, the soft suomi influence of their previous work. I was impressed with their take on psy when it came out and still love the old tracks, while The Mirror leaves me somehow unsatisfied. That said, don't listen to other's opinions too much, make up your own mind and give this a try, these two brazilian brothers definitely have some skills. By the way, a full album with Escape Into freeform psychedelics, packed with fun and various tempos and styles could be really interesting at this moment of their career.....



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