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Sab Kuch @ Aikahattu 2018 (Goa Ränse)

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Oopie    150

I don't usually do DJ mixes these days, but when I do - it's gotta be da Aikahattu outdoors festival here in Finland. As you may have noticed, also Paul Eye posted his own mix here, so you definitely get a good picture what was going on in those two magical friday and saturday nights...  

The internet is honestly saturated with Goa (or take any genre) mixes these days and I don't claim this particular mix to be somehow *so* different from what you've heard before. A few unreleased, a few vinyl only and classics by Oforia, Orichalcum, Toi Doi and the likes. Enjoy. 

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Oopie    150

Here's the tracklist for all the curious fu... fans out there:


1. Katayama - Pan-O-Rama (Spiral Trax 1999)

2. Atmos - Die Kaputzenpulli (Docklands Records 1999)

3. S-Range - Serial Overtypes (Spiral Trax 2000)

4. Noma - No More! (Spiral Trax 2000)

5. Klegg - O2 (Stoneage Records 2002)

6. S-Range - Kym (Flying Rhino Records 2000)

7. Bamboo Forest - Back Of The World (3D Vision 1998)

8. Bamboo Forest - New World (unreleased)

9. Domestic - Genetic Wobble (YoYo Records 1998)

10. Hux Flux - Bring Your Own BIOS (Logic Bomb Rmx) (Z-Plane Records 2015)

11. Sab Kuch Milegator - Gringrinder (self-released 2018)

12. Lectro Spektral Daze - Quite A Trip (JaraLuca Rmx) (Neogoa 2016)

13. Tandu - Alien Pump (Rmx) (3D Vision 1998)

14. The Deviant - Mururoa My Love (TIP Records 1996)

15. Oforia - Timelessness (3D Vision 1998)

16. Rhythmystec - Cathexis (Suntrip Records 2018)

17. Freak Disciple - Free Dimension (Flying Rhino Records 1998)

18. Toi Doi - Nuage D'Encens (Avatar Records 2000)

19. Pleiadians - Alcyone (Morphic Resonance Rmx) (DAT Records 2017)

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