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VA Ethneomystica Vol. 6 compiled by Maiia (Mystic Sound Records, 2018)

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Listen & buy: https://mysticsound.bandcamp.com/album/ethneomystica-vol-6


01. Hinkstep – Restless
02. False Identity – Crystal Malignment
03. Yestegan chaY – Rambam 8
04. Maiia – Night In A Desert
05. Naturelement – The Clocks Went Back In Time
06. Slackbaba – Under Endless Skies
07. Iacchus – Legion
08. Scion – Ride
09. Stimulus Timbre – DE-1 Transmission
10. J.P. Illusion – The Solution
11. Be Jam – Whats Hiding Behind The Trees

Release info:

Mystic Sound Records is excited to invite you to the world of Ethneomystica for the 6th time. This remarkable collection of awesome music combines ethnic rhythms with modern sound. Eleven wonderful tracks will host the very special place in your collection of favorite music!

Starting with the magical tunes, we’ll continue our journey through middle-east dub to the modern sound of PsyDub and PsyBass. You’ll discover the mystic landscapes of forests and deserts and finally will find yourself in a very special place – the dimension of Ethneomystica!

Start listening right now and enjoy the best music from the world’s masters of quality sound!


Compiled by Maiia https://soundcloud.com/maiia
Cover art: Elena Ukolova www.facebook.com/ulsei

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