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Klaada - Breaking The Cycle [Mindspring Music]

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Klaada - Breaking The Cycle [Mindspring Music]

Klaada - Breaking The Cycle


“Breaking the Cycle” is a concept album which revolves about finding emotions in yourself that you never knew existed. It’s a deeply spiritual quest of finding and dissolving so many layers inside you, going ever deeper, to the essence of your being. 

As emotional beings, we belong to never ending Cycles that determine the amplitude of the frequency we emit to the world around us and in us. This is a story about breaking the Cycle of frozen emotions, melting all the “Ice” that’s inside you, in an attempt to bring warmth and Infinite Sun in your being, to regenerate, to fill your heart with every colour you like. Relaxing and psychedelic, melodic and deep, ambient and experimental - this album takes you on a magical journey through the Shifting Stream of Emotions.

  1. Ice
  2. The Dream
  3. Full Moon
  4. Intention
  5. Shifting Streams of Emotions
  6. Water
  7. Inner Peace
  8. Inner Strength
  9. Infinite sun
  10. Spring Lullaby


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