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VA - Dive To The Top (CLOCKDG013) By ClockTail Rec

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Finally the time has come and long awaited release by label located on the Black Sea, Odessa city is ready; 
When we dive deeper into the psychedelic trance trip we are always look first at a powerful mysterious light in our minds and souls that is always lead us to the top of spiritual bliss and active meditation in every moment when we are present on any floor.We are proud presents next compilation - 11th brilliants-extraordinaire-artifacts between so many layers of psytrance scene releases.ClockTail records owners are making new steps aimed at the fairway psyche-shamanic-cosmic grooves of spiritual and phisical energies directed into unknown space.

Tracklist :

01-Initial - Trippy {146 bpm} [06.27]
W&P by Ilja Vig @ Pacilistrica Sounds Studio - Tallinn | Estonia

02-Weirdbass Vs Cosmic Brahma - Kaun Hain (Who Is There) {148 bpm} [07.43]
W&P by Kaio Donato And Abhishek Chakraborty @ Maschine Studios - Juiz De Fora-Minas Gerais | New Delhi | Brasil / India 

03-Tookytooky - Aliens Dialog {149 bpm} [07.39]
W&P by Sergey Verbitskiy @ Tooky Sound Lab - Odessa | Ukraine

04-Fractal Spin - Transactional Mode In The Matica {150 bpm} [07.01]
W&P by George Hadjiconstantinou @ Fractal Spin Studio - Sheffield | UK

05-Nightvision And ChakraView - Nocturnal View {149 bpm} [07.39]
W&P by Shaveer Ahmed And Adnan Baig @ Nightvision And ChakraView Studios - New Delhi | Hyderabad | India

06-Z3nkai - Lunatic Behavior {150 bpm} [08.21]
W&P by Nico Z3nkai @ Z3nkai Studios - Geneva | Switzerland

07-SysTree, Buckle And Orion Signal - To Mars {150 bpm} [05.58]
W&P by Igor Agra, Thiago Fideles And Aramis Venancio - Campina Grande | Brasil

08-Warp Engine - Cabloco {150 bpm} [06.52]
W&P by Jack Allsopp And Nico Z3nkai @ Act One And Z3nkai Studios - Geneva | Switzerland / Uk

09-Fractal Dimen5ion And Cykonaut - The Dark Side {146 bpm} [07.48]
W&P by Shaurya Shah And Nikhil Solanki - Mumbai | India   

10-Cosmic Brahma - Game Boy {150 bpm} [07.52] 
W&P by Abhishek Chakraborty @ Maschine Studio - New Delhi | India

11-Konflux And Kiva - The Big Ear {145 bpm} [07.57] 
W&P by Vasily Myazin And Kiva @ Bedtime Studios - San Francisco | USA

Artist: Various Artists

Title: Dive To The Top
Powered by: ClockTail Records

Media Format: Digital Download

Genre: Psychedelic Trance

Catalogue Number: CLOCKDG013

Distribution by: Self Distribution

Release date: 11.12.2017

Artwork Design by: Neo Druid Art

Mastered by: Antagon Mastering

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