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Dj Màgürô | Dive To Psychedelic Grooove - FDLR Podcast 017 | 149-150 BPM

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This set is record on Màgürô's private room at monday morning.
Fresh & powerful twilight psychedelic tunes!! BPM 149-150
Good listen Happy People :)

FusionDeLic Records Podcast 017

Fractal Spin - Ttracker - Galactic Groove Records
Ooblek aka Black Noise - Don’t Feed The Aliens - Sangoma Records
Shred’er - Digital Fingers - Nataraja Music
Peace-Ka , Module Virus - Siddhi - Sangoma Records
Psiked’eliah , Ready - Premonitions - Dream Project Records
Uka Uka - Boom Bahi - Sangoma Records
Uka Uka - Ukadelic - Believe Lab
Kaya Seneman - The Discovery - Clocktail Records
Rezonant - Midnight - Sangoma Records
Fungus Funk , Vial - Binary Sensation - Sangoma Records
Leopardtron - So Good -Sun Station Records
Yabba Dabba - Pineal Nerds - Sangoma Records
Diksha , Purist - New Era -Sangoma Records

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