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Sangoma Sound System compiled by Emiel & Daksinamurti (Sangoma)

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Sangoma Sound System 
Catalogue no: TSANGEP033 
Label: Sangoma Records 
Artist: Various Artists compiled by Emiel & Daksinamurti 
Genre: Electronic 
Style: Psychedelic Trance 
Format: Digital Compilation 
Release: December, 2017 
Mastering: Module Virus @ Bruno Studio Mixing Productions 
Art: Whrikk 

1. Peace- Ka & Module Virus – Siddhi 
2. Ooblek (aka Black Noise) – Don’t feed the Aliens 
3. Gaspard – Spaced rmx 
4. Purist – Visionary States (Ingrained Instincts rmx) 
5. Vial & Fungus Funk – Binary Sensation 
6. Yabba Dabba – Pineal Nerds 
7. Diksha & Purist – New Era 
8. Rezonant – Midnight 
9. Kabayun – Jaguar Dance 
10. Cosinus – Somewhere out There 
11. Elf De La Nooi – Demented Momentum 
12. MPF & Yachay – Different Kind of Synthesis 
13. Sequoya – Quarks and Bubbles 
14. Fungus Funk – Kremlin Gremlin (Daksinamurti & Astronom rmx) 
15. Via Axis – The Lizard (2017 Edit) 
16. Babagoon – Red Eye Jedi 
17. UkaUka – Boom Bhai 
18. Dymons – Gizmos 

Wahgwaan bredren 
We at Sangoma are happy to present you our latest digital compilation to celebrate 6 years of Sangoma Records. Selectas Emiel and Daksi came up with this idea just a few weeks ago and have been busy selecting these irie tunes of our signed label-artist to give you a glimpse what is cooking in 2018 and to share some insights and visions. For this release we were inspired by the concept of the “Soundsystem”, an important part of Jamaican culture, which changed and revolutionized the concept of music. This release features comes with a multipage booklet - fresh tunes, rare remixes and collaborations by our label-artists. Sangomesque summertime jamrock for the cold winter months. 
The only good System is a soundsystem. 

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