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Atiramo - Four of Wands

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A new album with original and unconventional aproch that combines psychedelic and melodic
colors to create a new language that gives room for sounds, harmony and pure music.
The album opens with "thunderstorm party" (05:20) that actually constitutes its energetic starting point.
As a direct continuation of this natural energy, the second track pops up with sounds that only a
colorful "fuel injection" (07:55) system can provide. This celebration can't stop due to "oriental sustain" (09:20),
so for dessert, to make it light and sweet comes 7:26 minutes visit in "allegorical tea party".


Album cover image

About the name "Four of Wands"
The name is taken from the spiritual world. This tarot card has many interpretations but this is not

the only reason for choosing it, so listen ♫ and be creative while enjoying your own interpretation.
Did you Know? The original purpose of tarot cards was to play games. Their use in reading the

future or other spiritual and mystical purposes came much later.
released July 17, 2017
Written, produced and mastered by Oren Atiram
Graphic design: Oren Atiram

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