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April Proegressive Top 10


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Guest Mike D

So many top tunes released can't help myself... played all these at party the other nite and the floor went off!!



1. Sun Control Species -"Searching The Spiral Arm" (ZMA - Battle Royal)


2. Beat Bizzare - "Corrosive Juices" (Pandoras Groovebox - Iboga)


3. Space Safari - "Sweet Little" (Pur Bliss - Tatsu)


4. BLT - "The Slapper" (Irresistble Meltdown Vol. 3 - Plusquam)


5. Hux Flux - "Bitshifter" (Division By Zero - Spiral Trax)


6. Breakpoint - "Godzilla (Fuzzion's Revizzion)" (The Dissidents -Horns and Hoof Entertainment)


7. Wizzy Noise - "Timline (Charasmatix RMX)" (Timline RMXs - Candyflip)


8. Son Kite - "On Air (NEw Disco Alliance RMX)" (On Air RMXs - Digital Structures)


9. Sensient - "Mind Control" (Battle Royal - ZMA)


10. Freq - "I've Been Sent" (Irresistable Meldown Vol. 3 - Plusquam)


and for good luck


11. Antix - "Free As We Are (BLT RMX)" (Puzzled - Iboga, News Single - Iboga)

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not in any specific order:


Freq - return to the masters (puzzled - iboga)


Freq vs spherical - suzuki son (puzzled - iboga)


Frogacult - essential (puzzled - iboga)


luna spice - proteines (chrome - submachine)


frogacult - snowdropped (chrome - submachine)


ryan halifax - fuck me rich (irresistable meltdown 3 - plusquam)


freq - Ive been sent (irresistable meltdown 3 - plusquam)


missing time - working girl (irresistable meltdown 3 - plusquam)


mapusa mapusa and fabio - beachball (irresistable meltdown 3 - plusquam)


Jaia - hipnostatique (puzzled - iboga)

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Guest grahf

hot stuff! i have a near-fetishistic love of prog psy sometimes. To that end, i've been drooling over all the great-looking new releases on Iboga... but I only have enough money for one or two cds at best! Which do you recommend?

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Beat Bizarre - Pandoras Groove Box

Fusion (The Beat Bizarre track Terra Byte, is itself, worth the albums price IMO)


or wait and buy


FREq - Strange Attractors


Take care now, bye bye then!! ;)



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