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Forestdelic Records

VA / Sunset Temple [compiled by Dr. Space]

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Everyone has their own personal stories, walk their own paths, perceive and live by their own values and belief systems.
The  stories entwine, the paths cross,  and our personal faith ripen into a shared, cosmic religion.
We might be privileged or just exceptionally fortunate for those faithfull moments we experience  at the sunset. That is our temple, a sacred space where we connect, dance, celebrate, which surrounds and fulfills us inside out.

Artist: Various
Title: Sunset Temple
Compiled: Dr. Space
Label: Forestdelic records
Format: CD / digital
Release date: 06.05.2017.
Cover art: Joe the Glow



01. Black Noise & Peyotes / Distant Worlds
02. Psilocybian & Dr Space / Altered Carbon
03. Braincell / Attack of the Circuits
04. Ingrained Instincts / Further Back in Time
05. Whiptongue & Smoke Ship / The Vegetal Division
06. Blastourist / Math Cat
07. Yudhisthira / Shivaratri
08. Kala / Lucky Lu
09. Kliment / Fashion (Once Upon a Time remix)
10. Drip Drop & YaNn / Bom




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