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Just getting into Psy - here the first mix i made for the car. Thought id share.

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Something of a newcommer to psy-trance. Bought some tunes on beatport and made this for the commute. Maybe someone else might enjoy x





Also an 320kbps MP3 direct download version: http://shed.ltd/AndyNewton-Psytrance-Feb2017.mp3


Heres the (fairly well time-stamped) tracklist:


00:00:La Resistance (Original Mix) - Bliss

07:30:Maya (Original Mix) - Headworks

13:15:Sound Of Silence - Bubble

19:00:No Rules (Original Mix) - Spacecat, X-NoiZe

24:30:Music Take Me Higher (Original Mix) - Sesto Sento, Faders

30:40:Were Gonna B Cool - Bubble

37:40:Pranava Ranji - Mind Spin Remix

44:00:Out Foxed (Original Mix) - Ticon

50:15:Awake The Snake - Astrix/Tristan

57:00:Spacetime (Original Mix) - Electric Universe

1:00:03:Parvati Valley (Original Mix) - Blastoyz

1:08:15:The Time Machine - Talamasca

1:15:15:Orbital Spin - Sideform

1:22:00:Silverline (Talamasca Remix) - Bitkit


Enjoy ! x

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