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Dreamtime Diaries Vol 7. - Vibrational Therapy

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Hey, looking for some super mellow sounds?


Come get comfy, kick off your shoes & take a little time to recharge & recalibrate with these luscious dreamtime sounds. This journey lowers the tempo, meandering through gentle, blissful soundscapes for your listening pleasure. Mmmmm shanti time goodness!



Massive thanks to all these artists for their wonderful creations & inspirations <3


1. Erothyme - Thousand Hands of God (feat. Entheo)

2. Hinkstep - Drifting Away

3. Tanina Munchkina & The Leu Family - Aequus Animus

4. Desert Dwellers - You Can See Forever (Ether mix)

5. Carbon Based Lifeforms - Mechanism (ReMastered)

6. Sundial Aeon - The Northern Hemisphere Balance

7. Globular - Overcoming Occhiolism

8. Easily Embarrassed - Hyperspace Cruise

9. Dhamika - Indukala

10. I Awake - Journey

11. Soulacybin (ft. Alaya Love) - The Activation Part 1

12. Sinepearl - Mandala Glider



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