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Progressive house & trance recommendations


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Guest koolaid

Luke Chable's funked up progressive house/trance has been rocking my soundsystem as of late. Recently he's been fcuking with chopped up beats over dubby bass drums, and that fits the psy way of life nicely.


Powerplant - Blame (Luke Chable mix)

Gwill Moris - Time (Luke Chable dub)


His previous style was more trancey than housey, as can be heard in his "Luke Chable - Ride" release. This tune was cained last year by all the top prog trance dj's like Sasha, James holden etc. Though maybe not as friendly to psy trancers, due to lacking of that extra twist.



James Holden is also another top dog when it comes to releasing high quality progressive tuneage.


James Holden - Nothing (Returning 93 mix)

James Holden - I have put out the light


Are both great examples of his atmospheric but bass heavy dubby style of progressiveness.



Agoria are known to release some really innovative and varied progressive numbers too.


"Agoria - Snake Hips" is a favourite. A twisted little acid line wraps nicely around the kicks, with a delicate melody (reminiscent of something u may hear from an ice-cream truck!) garnishing the break.


Check it! Yo.


Now go and find me more like this please :-) And I may be nice and recommend some more gems.

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Guest Bahamut

Progressive house/trance at its best is really great. Too bad a big part of it is boring mellow crap.

I like it only with a strong bassdrum, floating atmosphere, but at the same time with a sort of club vibe. :o


Here are some of my favorites:

Digital Mind Control - Mindstate

Blair Bitch - Blair Bitch (Solid Sessions Remix)

Ballroom - Passenger

Interflow - Storyreel (Chris Hampshires Mix)

The Orb - Once More (Bedrock Dub mix)

JC - Redsky (Deep Progressive Mix)

Accadia - Into the Dawn (James Holden remix)

Sister Bliss - Sister Sister (Nalin & Kane remix)

LSG - Netherworld (Jules Vern mix)

Head Honcho - Hoot ;)

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Guest koolaid

I've checked out a few of those tunes Bahamut...


Blair Bitch - Blair Bitch (Solid Sessions rmx)


More driving and housey than I like. Reminds me a bit of "Sultan & The Greek - Rezin" tune, though that is a bit more laid back and slightly more atmospheric. It also has quite a driving effect towards the end of the tune, but all in all a lot more chilled. "Sultan & Tonedepth - Sagres (version one)" is in a similar vein to this... Nice, clean progressive house for sunny days.


"G-Pal - Ocean of blue (Tonedepth mix)" is my fave sultan / tonedepth release, and one of my fave releases as of late. It is slightly more progressive trance orientated - which probabbly suites my current style a bit more.


LSG - Netherworld (Jules Verne Mix)


Yay 1997, you can tell that this tune is slightly older - but only just. It reminds me a lot of the Deeper Shades of Hooj 2 compilation CD. Those two CD's used to be in my cd player for a long time. Then the more breaky CD moved into my dad's car CD player and he enjoyed it for a year or so ;-) But one day I just got slightly bored... LSG Netherworld is an awesome tune. If I remember correctly I preferred the Kid Loops mix on the hooj compilation:-




I remember it fitting in really tight with the rest of the mix, dunno about it on it's own, I'd highly recommend you check out this comp if this is one of you're fave prog tunes.


JC - Redsky (Deep Progressive Mix)


Nice tune, chunky tribal beats with nice encompassing atmospheric pads. Reminds me a lot of the hooj tunes style again. Particularly Space Manoeuvres - Stage One (Chris Lake mix), which was an awesome tune released & cained by all the top prog dj's in 2001 or so. I used to really like this style, but just haven't been able to find much in the same vein in the last couple years.


Sean Cusick - Consider the Ravens

Head Honcho - Hoot


Dark atmospheric prog. Nice. I don't normally find much in this sub-genre that pleases me, but I like :) Similar tracks are "Gardner & Thomas - Control (Blackwatch distressor dub)", "Digby and Oliver - Human". You're right, Hoot does have some pretty twisted sound fx!




Hows this for a dam funky bass heavy dark prog remix:- "Kelis - Milkshake (Junior Vasquez remix)". Wish I could find some more in this style... AFAIK I thought Junior vasquez released gay house music. So I was really suprised when a DJ told me what this awesome remix was.



I will have to check out that label Platigreg, I found their website... I haven't heard of those artists before. Thx!

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Ok here are some artists and some of the tracks you should check out before buying the compilations, EPs or cd's:


Vision and canedy ("mystico" and "we love sunday")

sven palzer ("smile")

buzz ("perfect day")

peace division ("beatz n pieces")

frogacult ("snowdropped agent mix" and "essential")

true to nature ("new world")


if you are interested and dont find the name of the cd's or compilations, ask and I'll tell you ..

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Guest .:::E.P

Here's some rockers :-)


DJ 19 : Breaking Of The Dawn

Nicole 1111 : Out Of Control

J.F. Sebastian feat. Kaz : Burden (Lemon 8's Inner Sandtuary Mix)

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Guest grahf

omg fluke is indeed amazing! i like underworld and leftfield a lot too. i'm really out of the loop on what is "in" in the prog scene, but i do have a few recommends off the top of my head:


valentino - flying (sultan and tonedepth remix) : a lovely track with swirling atmospherics and chilled guitars. not really trancey at all but still nice.


bedrock - heaven scent (yunus guvenen remix) : a subtle and delicate proggy breaks remix of the trance anthem. teases the main melody of the original throughout the track, only really goes all out at the very end.


Shmuel Flash - Chilling Moments : Check out the Bedrock remixes of this track for a gorgeous cut that almost never fails to send chills down my spine. Almost below dance tempo, and as spaced out as prog can get.


Future Sound of London - Papua New Guinea (Satoshi Tomiie Remix) : less atmospheric, more dark twisted and trippy. I like.


I usually like my prog house to be as atmospheric and spacey as possible. Good artists in this style I have found are Pole Folder & CP, Bedrock, Tarrantella & Redanka, Jondi & Spesh, Lemon 8, and the Flash Brothers.


quality prog trance without the psy: Planisphere, Breeder, Deepsky.

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