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VA – Ethneomystica (Mystic Sound Records, 2016)

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Mystic Sound Records welcomes you in the world of Ethneomystica – a very special place where ethnic rhythms meet the modern instruments. For the fourth time we open this secret portal to the space of the most actual downtempo music.

Traditionally selected by Maiia, these eleven tracks unite music of producers from around the globe (Russia, UK, USA, Canada, Sweden, Greece, Finland, Germany and Netherlands) and represent the variety of popular downtempo and midtempo styles from Psybient to PsyDub and Bass. You can find an excellent set of well-known projects at the 4th chapter of Ethneomystica – Easily
Embarrassed, Radioactive Sandwich, Spatialize, Seamon, Hinkstep, Maiia, Iacchus,
Chronos, Jeremy’s Aura, HuuHaa, Matt Dell, OkoloSna and Naturelement.

Enjoy your staying in this mystical world and be sure that you can return here whenever you wish – just push the button “Play” on your favorite music player.





01. Spatialize – Zen in Frankfurt
02. Easily Embarrassed – Smooth Operator
03. Chronos & OkoloSna – Limitless Highway
04. Naturelement – Reversal Twist
05. Matt Dell – Moon Research Project (Radioactive Sandwich Remix)
06. HuuHaa – Grapevine Drums
07. Maiia – The Great Bear
08. Seamoon – Inter (your) Face
09. Iacchus – Muad’Dib
10. Hinkstep – September Song
11. Jeremy’s Aura – Swimming With Diamonds And Whales


Available on CD and in Digital.



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