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Me and my old friend Marcus tells a story.

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Back in 2003 I was in party mode. It was everything. Speed, benzos, booze, acid, e, hasch.


I had just bought the O2 midi keyboard and just started to learn reason for real.

This is the 10th or so beat I tried to do, using the midi keyboard and reason.


This beat I did at my friends small apartment, in headphones of shitty quality, on a laptop, on a couch, with the O2 in my lap.

45 min later, my friend stepped in the "booth" (his closet with a borrowed Condenser mic using a simple mic-amp NO MIXER just my sound interface with XLRs


Anyway, I asked him to stop and go back all the time, cause he didnt rap in the same tone as the beat. I said "darker ! sadder! fit the key of the track man!! trust me gonna be epic!"

You know how kids are. And we were kids at 21, most definately.


Anyway, this thing came together at the end, and while the sounds (kick, snare etc) are all Horrible Reason 3.0 stock sounds, horrible mixing, (Everything was mixed inside Reason 3.0 even the vocals, and I had to move the long vocal"bar" mm, per mm, to synch it correctly. I know, completely whack. But it turned out okay anyway for some reason....

I did my best to Re-Master an allready mastered mp3. at 128kbit. Cause I lost the original Reason project file.


Luckily the RMS of the mp3 was around -10dbfs so I had some headroom to fix at least some of the things.


Anyway, again, for the third time, the story he tells, is a story I share 100% with him brotherly.

We went to the same things, did the same things, and were best friends from the first day we met until about, I dunno 10 years later...


Here is the translation. I translated it rhyme for rhyme, but I didnt rhyme in english cause... well, that wouldnt work.

So its just a translation.


I hope you can keep up so it makes sense somewhat, I didnt add timecodes and adding lyrics to a video in Sony Vegas takes like, the longest time in the world and didnt wanna do that.

enjoy the wav (much better bass for some reason) or settle with the youtube.


http://www.aeap.se/ftp/mc-droger.wav (for best quality dont play thru browser, DL and play on your player. Differnt sound believe me.




(headphones prefferred - thought the stereo imaging of his voice was cool back then)

mac one verse full story
im about to tell ya a story about a dude who lost his gloria
dont ask me where or when, but heres how it starts
sometime in my teens, we were young and dumb
the troubles were heavy, we just wanted to stay high
not much mattered when we wandered the different paths
we didnt have any insight to our own well being
almost the rest just wanted to party, we were trying it all
now its been several years and im asking myself how am i doing
im standing right here at 22 years of age
more than once, people you know, even your closest friends ask you
if youre retarded, what drug are you on, can you differ a dog and a cat and if day or night
a little question btw, did you have fun at the party, you mustve been high you were pretty fucked up
still the same, so my usual answer, yeah i know, i was pretty drunk, and mingled with the people and talked about a bunch on nonsense
and now that i think about it, feels kinda stupid, that what i previously considered cool i now dont
then a little devil popped up, sat inside my ear and whispered a couple of words i hardly wanted to hear
here, have this E, swallow
fuck the conscience, crushed and swallowed
had an euphoric experience hardly recognized time nor space, just enjoyed the moment
finally i cave in and i slept, my head is kinda sore, i flow into a lucid dream,
where i sat in a cave playing russian roulette with the reaper,
he told me to stop using drugs, i said fuck you
my chest i feel pressure, woke up in a haste, with a head filled with fucked up thoughts, shit my heart is palpitating,
is there noone that can understand, how i feel, after all these years i wanna rip out my hair
stand on steady ground yet addiction calls, was in my blood under a long time, i dont wanna live in misery
with sorrow and troubles
time to end this fucked up carrier
dont call me a junkie
ive started to live healthier
i get asked all the time, is it fun to do drugs?
who the fuck do you think you are
just cus i smoked and took e, answer is obvious, u wanna keep ur head
time gets twisted, you drug yourself retarded, either braincells empty out or you become insane
drugs have ability to manipulate your memory, confuse your mind in its own little way
its own little ways so a wrong easily becomes a right
will you still think its cool to take drugs when you wake up in agony, and twist and turn in pain?
thought so
you seem like ur with me
take responsibility for yourself and pick up the pieces and put them back together
noone else runs ur path, only you, so make thinks better youre living here and now,
just keep struggling cause its not gonna be easy
you gonna notice in the end, it payed off to do right
im out, im quitting
what is the meaning
of making your own grave

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