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tribal psy


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Guest benevolent demon

Im looking for some really powerful

dark, tribal, goa...i like juno reactor of course

....i especially like a lot of the dragonfly

classics compilations..ive been trying hard to find a copy

of shakta's silicon trip album

I was looking for something that was a complete

album, but if anyone could suggest

compilations that would be fine too..a lot of bass

and layered drum patterns...maybe slower in the 140 range perhaps

any ideas?

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Well for me, the new Iboga releases : FX , Puzzled and Dj Jokkes sets are just that. Tribal house meets progressive psy.


One of my top favorites at this moment.

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Agree with llazi.. Very good indeed. But maybe it isnt dark like you want it


Then maybe the 2004 compilation from Sub Machine Records = Chrome

specially the frogacult track




Son Kite mostly always offers some really good percussions. Maybe try nasa, or genetic spin too

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Guest .:::E.P

No offense to Tegma (which are cool guys) and Son Kite but please there's not much dark Goa tribal in their music... The guy did not ask for in-between progressive and Full on :-)


Anyway you should deffinenelty some day sit down and listen to some progressive too... It never hurt to broaden one's musical universe :-)


Anyway a little selfpromoting here. You should check out some of my CD's which I consider quite tribal.


Try :


Elysium "Celestial Sounds & Tribal Beats"




Elysium Project "Regenerated"



But beware that it's not the fastest tribal out there....


Good hunting

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Well a TRACK well worth checking out would be:


'Tribal Emphasis' - This is available on


psychedlic gate 1 - ZS 309931


the rest of this comp has some nice moments too, although this is the most tribal - v. hard and dark.


don't bother with the other psychedelic gates - they are not as good as the first.


Look out for old matusri records - getting rarer and rarer now, as lots of this will please you, and finally, check out


Return to the Source Shamanic Trance - RTTS CD 03 - again IF you can find it!


Good luck!

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Etnoscope - Drums from the Dawn of Time is one of the more tribal cd's I've come across lately. Some tracks are full-on, some progressive, some almost Goa. good mix

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