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Philosomatika Internet Radio is Back!

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After being shut down by the RIAA in 2010, Philosomatika is very proud to be back!

We have two channels: Our psytrance channel which is a mix of full-on & progressive psy, and a 100% progressive psy channel. I'm constantly adding new, hand-picked tracks, and I'll soon be adding shows & mixes to each channel.


Head over to www.philosomatika.fm to listen!


p2 | Founder
Philosomatika - Worldwide Psytrance Radio

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This is fantastic! I was a huge listener back in the day. Still have a .pls and .m3u in my music folder even. I even once donated I think 10 bucks over paypal and you sent a personal reply thanking me, stating you would use it to buy some more CD's. I'll be subscribing soon!

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Sick. During the years 2002 - 2005 I worked a brainless data entry job, and shoutcast was the shit. I listened to that station a lot! Cool to see it returning. 

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