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VA - Horror Stories [OUT NOW] Horrordelic

kriz aka krize

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Horrordelic Proudly Presents

- A Free VA called:

Horror Stories - OUT NOW !!




Bandcamp: https://horrordelic.bandcamp.com/album/va-horror-stories-horrordelic-2015

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLNlcSeDBp298NMF4QkHJZNN9dxvNnKTIJ


Mastering By Anomalistic Studios (USA)

Artwork by Antikriz&Psytanic (Norway)


The world is full of mysteries; murders and deeply disturbing true stories. So with Halloween just around the corner here are 16 true stories that seems perfect for a horror imagination ......

Here we go ; Take hope as we are floating to the sky....



1. Baphomet_Engine_-_Psypain-[151_Bpm]

2. Blind-Ox_-_Sinister_Masquerade_[210_Bpm]

3. Crone_-_Horror_Stories_[180_Bpm]

4. Dhrupad_-_DarkThroHolic_-_[160__Bpm]

5. Grainripper_-_Written_on_stones_[152__Bpm]

6. Gurgamesh_-_Zephyr_[162_bpm]

7. Master_Of_Horror_-_Passage_to_death_[160_Bpm]

8. Miquiztli_-_Road_To_Death_[170Bpm]

9. Nazrael_-_Ohhh_No,_I_Now!!!!__[170__Bpm]

10. Sepehraka_-_Shingon_[185__Bpm]

11. Setek_-_Dream_Mechanics_[190__Bpm]

12. Sick_Lion_-_El_Olvido_[200__Bpm]

13. Unfug_-_Dead_Rabbit_[173__Bpm]

14. Voidscream_-_Lim_Dul's_Vault_[180__Bpm]

15. Xhamanik_Ritual_-_Boson_de_Higgs_[165__Bpm]

16. Psy4tecks-_Inshah_Allah_[155__Bpm]


Stay tuned every party needs great music to make your Halloween memorable check out this best choices to start your play list.


Releases (Horrordelic FREEVA0XX series):

FREEVA009 - VA - Horror Stories- 2015

FREEVA008 - VA - Smiling Through Your Horror Times - 2015

FREEVA007 - VA We Are Dead Vol.2 - 2014

FREEVA006 - VA Doors Of Shiva - 2014

FREEVA005 - VA The Fallen - 2014

FREEVA004 - VA Mysteries Of Death - 2014

FREEVA003 - VA HoRRoR TecH MecHanIcA - 2013

FREEVA002 - VA Dance Of Shadows - 2013

FREEVA001 - VA We Are Dead - 2013


Get them all at https://horrordelic.bandcamp.com/

http://horrordelic.com/- Visit Us.

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