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KAHN - This Is Full-On Vol.4 - AH FM PsyDay Mix - Spring 2015


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Listen & Download here --->

This mix was done for Afterhours.FM (AH.FM)'s PsyDay 2015 event brought to you by @JonathanAllyn - and doubles as "This Is Full-On Vol.4" the continuation of my beloved mix series which showcases the most cutting edge Full-On Psytrance around! This mix goes back to my roots as a DJ, highlighting the more melodic, funky, driving, high energy Full-On sounds! This mix is laced with emotion and drive to spare, and is intended for those peak morning Full-On hours at outdoor Psytrance festivals. As always the mix is FREE to download! Feel free to leave some comments. Hope you all enjoy!

01. Astrix - Poison (Bizzare Contact RMX)
02. Orca - In The Jungle
03. Vibe Tribe vs Spade - Spirit Of Trance (Shivatree RMX)
04. Abomination - Jekyl & Hide (Brain Attack RMX)
05. 1200 Micrograms - Microdot
06. Power Source - Granada (Bizzare Contact RMX)
07. Psydrop - Surfing In Noises (Bizzare Contact RMX)
08. Astrix - Mir (Electro Sun RMX)
09. Artsense - Psychedelics
10. Digicult - Red Planet (Spirit Architect RMX)
11. 1200 Micrograms - Shiva's India (Outsiders RMX)
12. Man With No Name - Evolution (Digicult RMX)
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