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StereOMantra - Heliocentric


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Free-Spirit Records



1. Spaceship Earth

2. Circular Movement

3. Light Years feat Yarn

4. Laniakea


Gorgeous and peaceful psy-chill from StereOMantra where the sounds are blissful and, very true to its title, is a warm representation of the sun as its center.


Close your eyes and you may just feel like you are floating through the clouds with the sun's warmth shining upon your cheeks while these gems are playing.


"Spaceship Earth" represents that feeling remarkably well. As the EP opener it sets the tone with calm and serenity as its finest traits. With some lovely keyboard work and beautiful vocal snippets dropped at the perfect moments, with a tastefully compelling bass line that keeps things moving along nicely, it's easy to hope that this one will last for about twice as long as its 7-minute run time.


No great tragedy when it does not, though, as the follow-ups on "Circular Movement" and "Light Years" compliment the opener quite well and keep this beautiful journey vivid and interesting. Perhaps neither is as good as "Spaceship Earth" but they both hit high marks for quality.


"Laniakea" stands alone in this collection, being a bit more upfront with its tempo, more generous with its talky but compelling solar system samples and melodies that, while still very pretty, tend not to hang out in chill territory. It is assuredly groovy and deliciously tasty down tempo, a bit more bold in its approach and emotions. A great highlight here!


Certainly, dancing under the sun is never a bad thing and the "Laniakea" closer provides that well enough. I would venture to say, though, that the three openers, played as close to one continuous track as they can be, are the main highlights here. Those moments provide relaxation and rejuvenation aplenty without the results ever becoming drowsy or dull.


"Heliocentric" is some very fine work from this Hungarian producer.



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