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Ascent, Nature - Hypnotico


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Ascent, Nature


Ovnimoon Records



1. Your Mind

2. Spiritualism

3. Transmutation (Remix of Ovnimoon)

4. Magic Box

5. Forest Peace

6. Nature Frequencies

7. Telekineza

8. Mistika

9. 4 Shamans

10. Hypnotico


Very nice goa touches throughout and an album cover that could very well dress an Etnica release. The thing, though, is anyone venturing into this body of work should have a very strong taste for progressive psy.


"Hypnotico" is a good release with some pleasant Middle Eastern sounds and shamanistic samples well-placed in many of the tracks. The nice goa vibes rolling through "Spiritualism," "Magic Box" and "Nature Frequencies" add depth, dimension and imagination to these proceedings. However, without that strong taste for progressive (even if this may be quality Ovnimoon progressive) chances are things will begin to feel same-sounding after a couple of tracks.


No doubt, "Hypnotico" deserves to fly the Ovnimoon Records stripes on its cover as it certainly does not lack for quality or substance. But at no point did I find this work hypnotic, either.


The best track is Ascent and Nature's remix of Ovnimoon's awesome "Transmutation." The energy takes off as this full-on beauty propels itself forward and as the track continues on it becomes apparent that, by comparison, much of "Hypnotico" is lacking that "something special" that the great Ovnimoon has in abundance.


Like in other years, there will probably be a slew of releases from this high-quality label before 2015 is said and done. Chances are, you will not get to most of them. Unless you are very much into progressive, you should feel ok with "Hypnotico" being one of those Ovnimoon Records releases you do not get to.



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