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Yata-Garasu - Lost Tapes - OUT NOW - Horrordelic Records

kriz aka krize

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Horrordelic Records Presents

-----A Xmas Gift for You----

Yata-Garasu - Lost Tapes [Full album]


Fast direct download:

WAV: http://goo.gl/cyDvQR

MP3: http://goo.gl/bYMwHz

Youtube Playlist: http://goo.gl/KdLrzR






Tracks made by Yata-Garasu between 2007 and 2010, once lost but now found and brought to you mastered and salvaged from the abyss.



1. The Begining Of The End 148bpm

2. Sloth 148bpm

3. Yuna 148bpm

4. Pull Me Away 150bpm

5. Ragnarok 150bpm

6. A Place On Earth 154bpm

7. Inside Sin 160bpm

8. Steven & Paul 160bpm

9. Yata-Garasu vs Osito vs Twisted Nerve - Silent Abyss 160bpm


Original cover artwork by Florence Nicodèm, remixed by AntiElf. Mastering By Anomalistic Studios. Released 26. December 2014 By Horrordelic Records.

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