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Dsompa - Shinan (Sangoma Records) out Oct 13th

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Dsompa – Shinan EP
Format: Digital
Catalogue: TSANEP05
Release: October 13th, 2014
Artwork by: Hazard Hope
Mastering: Alex (E.V.P) @ Wild Mastering

1. Dsompa – Lost Theory
2. Dsompa & Kabayun – Gravity
3. Dsompa – Beings
4. Dsompa – Quené

Sangoma Records is back from the summer break and blessed to announce the first EP from Hamburg based Dsompa. A DJ for Peak Records since 2009 and a familiar friendly face at many international psychedelic events.
“Shinan” is a term from the Peruvian Shipibo – Conibo tribe from the Amazon rainforest which translates to “ Idea, Mind, Transaction”. Their unique culture is highly influenced by shamanism, in which the medicinal and visionary use of ayahuasca is practiced. The geometrical decorative designs, which the healer sees during his visions, can be found in many objects from everyday life, such as pottery, clothing, etc. The artistic traditions of the Shipibo have inspired this release and can also be traced in the music as well, and in the cover art by Hazard Hope.
The listener awaits a lysergic multi dimensional driven landscape, with a good dose of groove. Enjoy the ride and allow the compound of this music to have an effect on your consciousness.

Mastered by EVP Wild Mastering


Shipibo info :

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