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new music for psybient downtempo lovers


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some new music for psybient downtempo lovers week 32
Archa – Alleviation EP [Triple Drop Productions]
E.R.S. – Rebelized [self Released]
Eurythmy – Prescription Medicine [broken Records]
Fingers In The Noise – Something Different [Fitn Personal Records]
Guda – Tyromancy [self Released]
Ioon – Times Of Peace [spirited Records]
Insectoid Intelligence – Lepidoptera [self Released]
Integral – Sercosa [Tympanik Audio]
Lars Leonhard – Best Of Unreleased 2010-2012 [self Released]
Master Minded – The Source Of Life [Maia Brasil Records]
Mick Chillage – Reverie [Txt Recordings]
Potlatch – Whiteout [Cosmicleaf Records]
Reflection – The Art Of Magic [Glitchy Tonic Records]
Saint Janus – Spiritale EP [Avatar Records]
Twin Shape – Biosynchronous EP [Desert Trax]
Various Artists – Planet Meditation 2 [Avatar Records]

Enjoy ;)
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we are keeping an updated list of all releases at www.psybient.org/love/2014-releases-psychill-ambient-downtempo/


for each release you have a link and style description,

a part of it on a weekly basis we add news to front page,


when i will have a minute, i will repost here time to time some new releases


week 39 news:


Anchor Hill UniVersAll [Luminosity Project]



Codeas D.M. Asylum [Mareld]


Cualli La Ceremonia 2 [self Released]



Eurythmy Subjective Matter [shanti Planti]



Intermixture Dynamic Interactivity [street Ritual]



Krusseldorf Smokers Lounge Remastered [self Released]



Mnykin Fairy Tales [Frog-Hop Records]



Nü Tao Dragonfunk [spaceradio Records]



Open Canvas Relics Of The Sun: Dune Tunes 1997-1999 [Harmonic Resonance Recordings]



Unusual Cosmic Process No Gravity [uxmal Records]



Various Artists Dreaming Awakening Part One [Dreaming Awakening Records]



Various Artists Flashback Downtempo [Plexus Music]



Various Artists Peace And Love III [Vertigo Records]



Various Artists Psychedelic Planet [six Degrees Records]



Various Artists Sixth Anniversary [Kissthesound Records]

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Week 40


Kalya Scintilla – Open Ancient Eyes [self Released]



Lab’s Cloud – Imminent Awakening [Altar Records]



Monade – Puni [Xtraplex Records]



Mystic Crock – Reef [self Released]



Seaman – Features Of Life [Plexus Music]



Squazoid – Two Reality [Mandala Records]



Sub (James Murray) – Untitled [self Released]



Tikki Masala – Traveling Through [Masala Records]



(Val)Liam – Autumn Equinox EP [self Released]



Various Artists – Ethneomystica Vol. 2 [Mystic Sound Records]



Various Artists – Odyssey Of Rapture Vol. 2 [Mythical Records]



Various Artists – Slow Motion [Kissthesound Records]



ZaZen – Time Out EP [self Released]

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Week 41:


Aeonics – Beyond Time [Virtual]



Asonat – Connection [n5MD]



Blue Phoenix – Source Of Hope [Ektoplazm]


Gus Till – Ghosts Of The Earth [interchill Records]



Jaya – A Combination Of Things [uxmal Records]



KaleidoAct & Master Margherita – Sci-Fi Soundscapes [self Released]



Maiia303 – Sky In Diamonds [Ovnimoon Records]



Maluns – Afterburner Trilogy [Cosmicleaf Records]



Rhythmic Activity – Characteristics Of Development [self Released]



Rute – Soma [Rexette]



Sleepwreck – Prototype Self [street Ritual]



Tarac, Avilente & Alexander Daf – When The Clouds Disperse [Microcosmos Records]



The Human Experience – Embraced [Jumpsuit Records]



Tripswitch – Propulsion EP [section Records]



Various Artists – Other Times [Less Music]


Various Artists – Seeds Of Thought [Liquid Seed Recordings]


Yunomi – Amaryllis Dream [Virtual]

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