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Hedonix - Guerrilla Ontology

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Artist: Hedonix

Release: Guerrilla Ontology

Year: 2013

Label: Electric Power Pole Records

Cat-#: EPPR020

Rating: 4.5/5.0



1) Eating Lotus Flowers

2) The I In The Triangle

3) Sausage Faktry

4) No Thing

5) Dance Of Form

6) Sakura

7) Hasta Luego Amigo

8) Analytic Overdrive

9) Dalek Sec


The sound is so different, whenever I hear australia in connection to psychedelic trance I know I have to listen closely otherwise something will simply just fly over my head. The opening track didn't do much for me but they seem to find their groove somewhere in the second track and after the third track it's rolling good.


They have an interesting approach to the evolution of their tracks. At first it all sounds quite bland but as it progresses it takes the shape of ever morphing pieces of sonic ideas that they expertly weave into one. This one to me works wonders just listening to, but I sure could dance to it too. What a refreshing piece of plastic.

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Guest antic

Surely one of the - greatly overlooked - pinnacles of 2013 and in contrast to their debut album it avoids some cringe-worthy tracks & melodic progressions, while in terms of style is getting closer to the sound of Logic Bomb in their Headware / Sonic Algebra days.


Lots of little genius touches there - very innovative and unusual arrangements, atmosphere / melody changes coming out of nowhere (in a good sense!), crazy drips of acid lines mixed with prog-trance tempo and obsessive attention to detail. It really gets going with track #3 for me, with peaks being "Dance of Form", "No Thing" and "Analytic Overdive", but they're all very good and sufficiently different to warrant a back-to-back listen. It gets too repetitive at times, especially with rhythmic drums / FX patterns, but that's acquired taste and as said it's already an improvement over the debut.


If you're looking for something different than typical old / new-school goa, dark or prog, then this should fill the bill nicely.



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