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Epicuros - Cosmic Hibernaculum (Psybient, Dark Ambient, Psy-Chill)


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Epicuros - Cosmic Hibernaculum (Psybient, Dark Ambient, Psy-Chill)

"When ships to sail the void between the stars have been built, there will step forth men to sail these ships." ― Johannes Kepler (1571--1630)


01. Phobium - Distant Sol
02. Jaja - Mintaka
03. Vangelis- Bounty
04. Atrium carceri - ERASER
05. Julien H Mulder- Fragments
06. Mystery Of The Yeti - The Call; The Journey
07. Altus - Black Hole
08. Al-pha-X - Operatic Meow Prelude
09. Solar Fields - Dust
10. Mank - Dijima
11.Hollan Holmes - Zero-Point Energy
12. Carbon Based Lifeforms - Endospore
13. Global Communication - 4 14
14. Hollan Holmes - Outskirts
15.Cell - Under your mind
16. Jose Amnesia - Eternal (Sunrise Remix)

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