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Ziptnf - Liquid Compounds [psychill/psystep]


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Psystep has lots of flavors, but very few actual tracks. Last year I made Intelligence Quotient, a mix based on IDM and a really strange niche of psystep that highlights really slow and tripped out music. This time it's more chilled out, with the classic psystep elements of Heavy Gravity. Lots of variety and interesting soundscapes, melodies, and textures. This one starts out nice and slow, but picks up quite a bit as it progresses. Enjoy!


Ott - Adrift In Hilbert Space [Ottsonic]

Chris Komus - Everything Just Started To Go Apart [Enig'matik]

Whitebear - Lost in Vibrations (Pt. II) [Muti]

Slackbaba - The Wanderer [Mystic Sound]

Quanta - Nature of Reality [Dubmission]

Gibson - Regal Beetle [Merkaba]

Birds of Paradise - Phyzicism [Additech]

Desert Dwellers - Seeing Things (Eat Static Remix) [Twisted]

Bird of Prey - Atrium [iboga]

KarmasynK - Psylther [swamp Music]

Mr. Bill - Shatter (Whitebear Remix) [Adapted]

Soulacybin - Moldavisions [Merkaba]


Image credit to lindelokse.


Left-click to download:

Ziptnf - Liquid Compounds (64:30) 148 MB ~320kbps

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