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Hypnagog - Thematic Mathematics - Coming May 10th

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So its almost here....after at least 3 years of construction the Hypnagog debut album ´Thematic Mathematics´ will be released Digitally on the 10th of May, through Bandcamp, Beatport and all good digital outlets.


CDs will be available through our Bandcamp as well as Psyshop etc






1. Micro-Cosmic

2. Vibrating Molecules

3. Life is but a dream

4. Temporal Flux

5. Scratching the Itch

6. Psychedelic Saucery

7. Flurophore

8. Folded Wave - Recursive Mix

9. Variations on a Theme

10. Reflections no.3

11. Undefinable Uncertainties


Kinematic records is excited to present the first full length album from Hypnagog aka Felix Greenlees / Terrafractyl.

From glitch to chillout to techno to progressive psychedelic trance and everything in between, this release constantly defies genre's as well as your expectations.

There are several things that make this release unusual, for starters the album has been written as a whole, rather than just a collection of tracks. So, not only do all the tracks flow smoothly into one another to create a seamless listening experience, but there are other hidden connections throughout the album. Various melodies and themes are shared between tracks so as to tie the ideas and concepts of the album all together. Add to this Hypnagog's adventurous approach to tempo, with tempo changes and time signature changes being commonplace, and it all adds up to something quite unique in this world of homogeneous sounding electronic dance music.


A Hypnagogic state is when your consciousness is stuck halfway between wakefulness and dreaming. The intention of this album is to explore the dreamworld and all the intermediary worlds stretching from there to what we call reality. I mean are you awake right now, or could this be someone else's dream?

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