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Ziptnf - Encrypted Universe [psychedelic drum & bass/neurofunk]


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The last time I attempted to make a mix of psychedelic drum & bass, it was a little all over the place. While there were a few great tracks, the mix had next to no flow, and the variety was far too much to be considered a legitimate representation of such a rare style. The theme of science fiction allowed me to mix neurofunk into this set, and the spacey sounds fit perfectly with what I was trying to do.


Lots of energy and interesting music here. Enjoy!


Cybernetika - Devoid of Gravity [Ektoplazm]

Lumin Essence - Phobos [Genome]

Cybernetika - Hayashis Journey [Ektoplazm]

Xenofish - Sanctus [Ektoplazm]

Xenofish - Arashi [Ektoplazm]

Axi - Mayan Temple [Mindtech]

Dementia & Dephas8 - Surrounded [Mindtech]

Black Sun Empire - Don't You (State of Mind Remix) [blackout]

Myselor - Reality [Full Force]

Optiv & BTK - Tapout [Dispatch]

Black Sun Empire - Fever (Chris.SU Remix) [blackout]

Unknown Artist - Still Alive (VIP Mix) [Fokuz]


Ziptnf - Encrypted Universe (1:07:47) 156MB ~320kbps


Image credit to nellieanger.

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