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What about an MPC for goa trance music?

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I was looking at the Akai Professional web site, MPC section. I found out that some of these MPCs have 64 tracks...Do some of you use an MPC? It doesn't look as convenient as a full-fledged DAW on a computer with a large screen. Yet, these days, MPCs feature a computer sequencer too, and support VSTs...Any experience using one at home? (not live)

What do you think? Is it convenient, do you waste time going through menu entries, do you miss any feature, does it have advantages on computer DAWs? Any specific MPC that you like? (MPC Renaissance, MPC5000, MPC Studio...) Maybe it's more suitable for minimal music...

Please share...


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I have definitely looked at getting away from a computer based setup. I'm not sure what your setup looks like but its worth keeping in mind the software vs hardware thing. Id be interested to know how you would use the MPC. I'd use it personally for MIDI sequencing and drum samples, with synths mixed through a mixer. A bit limiting for me at the moment ... bit off track perhaps, I could write about it somewhere else... =P


A friend was looking into one to use in a live situation so he could have a live setup with no computer. I think I would only go the MPC route if i really wanted to get away from the computer.


I have not used one, it doesnt seem to offer any advantages over the computer other than erongomics / interface ...


A more popular option during the 90s I imagine, I doubt AP use them much nowadays.

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