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making psychill psybient (dubby style)

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I am looking into trying to create something different from the darkpsy and psytrance for a bit


Anyone here create psychill who has any tipsfor creating this style would be great



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When making Psydub, Glitch Ambient, or whatever you want to call it, there are many different areas you can focus on. For me, as an ambient producer, my goal is to turn raw emotion into raw sound by crafting together my perspectives into music. The structure, techniques, and style of your music drastically depends on your experiences, visions, and ideals behind the synthesizer. Before beginning, ask yourself, "Why do I make music?" What do you want to express? When you gather your thoughts, you will be ready to sit down and start painting frequencies. I will talk about how I do this.


Ps. To clarify so I don't sound like an egotistical asshat, I am speaking from my point of view on how I want to sound, not necessarily how I sound. But hey, if someone thinks I sounds like this, then great! ;)


I start by introducing the listener to my music with a slowly building soundscape; beatles, pure, and engulfing. I experiment with a few low ends, curving them around each other and bending them to surround the listener. I slowly build it up and at the climax, or at the end of the intro, I bring in a slow BPM beat pattern mixed with a wonderful touch of pads and synth arps twinkling in the background. Inspired largely by Steve Roach, my intros typically are two - five minutes long and involve a lot of recorded sound effects from the city I live in. I enjoy bringing in a melody near the end of the track, leaving the listener with an addicting tune that can relax and entertain. Whatever you do, make sure the wobbles are well mastered and match the engulfing presence of your pad and synth structurer. Make it atmospheric!!



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