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Mystic Mind - Resurrection

Mystic Mind

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Hi everyone,


Here is my latest mix for you. A nice blend of prog and techno. Hope you enjoy. :)







1) Jericho Ismael - Savanna (Jelly For The Babies Remix)

2) 16 Bit Lolitas - 6 O'Clock In The Morning (Original Mix)

3) Fran Von Vie - Wake Me Up When Everything Has Changed (Audiotox & Watson Remix

4) Travis MacDonald & Mauro Norti - Spectra feat. Ashley Benjamin (Matias Chilano Remix)

5) Gav Fraser - Black Lite (Neftali Blasko Remix)

6) Guy J - pathos

7) Matias Chilano - Shockroom

8) Erdi Irmak - Apples

9) Marco Bailey & Filterheadz - Mansion (Original Mix)

10)Yunta - Distorted (Dal Middleton Remix)

11) Luke Chable - Sealers Cove (Original Mix)

12) cari lekebusch - xylopeggiator

13) Quivver - Here's This (Marc Marzenit Remix)

14) CJM, Rich Curtis - Square Root (Cid inc remix)

15) Ted Stinson - Return to life (Vlada D Shake remix)

16) Napalm & D-Phrag - Mars landing (Tintin remix)

17) Cj Art - Levitation (Hector Sawiak remix)

18) Space Manoeuvres - Stage one (Guy J remix)

19) LMO Project - Free Radicals (original mix)




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