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Momento Demento crew is preparing 2nd edition of our psychedelic music festival.

Expect beautiful weather , unseen nature , 4 nights and 5 days of proper psychedelic

underground music featuring some of the best dj's and producers from around the world.

For more info check web page, lineup and some other info below


Psychedelic Stage


ARJUNA ( Parvati Records , Italy )

ASIMILON ( Bom Shanka Music , UK )

ATARO ( Free Radical Records/Damaru Records , Iran/UK )

CHRIS RICH ( Bom Shanka Music , UK )

DATAURA ( Digital Mind Records , UK )

DIRTY SAFFI ( Bom Shanka Music , UK )

DISINTEGRATED CIRCUITS ( 5th Element music , Portugal )

DUST ( Looney Moon Records , Italy )

ELLIS THOMAS ( Glitchy Tonic Records , UK )

ENDEAVOUR ( Catalyst Records , Mexico )

EVP ( Wildthings Records , UK )

FLIPKNOT ( Parvati Records , India )

GROUCH ( Zenon Records , New Zealand )

HARMONIC REBEL ( Psynon Records , Cyprus )

HOLON ( Catalyst Records , Mexico )

HYPOGEO ( Zenon Records , Italy )

IANUARIA ( Blue Hour Sounds , Austria )

JAHBO (Parvati Records , Denmark)

KABAYUN ( Looney Moon Records , USA )

KIM ( Grasshopper Records , Sweden )

KINDZADZA ( Osom Music , Russia )

IN LAK ECH ( Catalyst Records , Mexico )

ISOCHRONIC ( Psynon Records , Cyprus )

LOOSE CONNECTION ( Free Radical Records , UK )

MAGIC SEEDS ( Sonic Chakras , Macedonia/russia )

MALICE IN WONDERLAND ( 2 to 7 records , Austria )

MARK DAY ( Blue Hour Sounds , UK )

MIRROR ME ( Zenon Records/Psylesia , Poland )

MODULE VIRUS ( Bom Shanka Music , Portugal )

NOMAD 25 ( Psynon Records , Cyprus )

NARGUN ( Parvati Records , Brazil )

PARALOCKS ( South Africa )

PARASENSE ( Bom Shanka Music , Russia )

PHASE ( Looney Moon Records, Italy )

PROJECT SKETCH ( Arkona Creation , UK )

PSYMMETRIX ( Bom Shanka Music , UK )

PSPIRALIFE ( Zenon Records , Australia )

R2 ( Looney Moon , Costa Rica )

REV ( Doof Records , USA/ Netherlands )

SYNTHETIK CHAOS ( World People , France )

SOUTWILD ( Wildthings Records , Canada/Germany )

SPROCKET ( Catawampus , UK )

TIJAH ( Uroboros records , Brazil )

TRON ( Zero 1 Music , Mexico )

WHIPTONGUE ( Looney Moon Records , Brazil )

XPIRAL ( Vagalume Records , Brazil )

ZOOLOG ( Parvati Records , Denmark )


ALANITA ( Cosmic conspiracy/ Uroboros rec , Brazil )

AMAZON ( Peak Records , Switzerland )

ASTRALEX ( 24/7 Records , Austria )

BAKSHISH ( Looney moon experiment , Italy )

BEARDY WEARDY ( Wildthings Records , UK )

FIDEL ( Momento Demento , Croatia )

FOG & PHOBOS ( Looney Moon, Italy )

HISRAV ( Catalyst Records , Mexico )

HOPI ( Nano Records , Romania/UK )

MICRODOT ( 24/7 Records , Austria )

MERRY ( Purple Hexagon Records , Germany )

MOFU ( Zenon / Glitchy tonic records , Italy )

NIGEL ( Revolve , UK )

NA-TI & OR-DWAUW ( Zenon , Israel )

ODDICON ( Purple Hexagon, Malasya )

PILA ( Ministarstvo Psihodelije , Croatia )

PELKS ( Momento Demento , Croatia )

SI ( Momento Demento , Croatia )

TOTO ( World People , France )

VAL VASHAR ( Zenon Records , Croatia )

VERT3X ( Psynon Records , Cyprus )

Chillout / Crossover Zone :


AKASHA ( Enig'matik Records , UK )

ANGULAR MOMENTUM ( Ajnavision , Portugal )

ATOM BASED (Amphetax Music, Croatia)

DATAURA (Digital Mind Records, UK )


GROUCH (Zenon Records, New Zealand)

HEAVENLY FATHER (Looney Moon Experiment,USA)

IKETA (Visionary Mind Records, Hungary)

JAVIER OREAMUNO (Psynomads, Costa Rica )

MASTER MARGERITA (Peak Records, Switzerland)

MODERN ERRORS ( Visionary mind , Netherlands )

OUTERSPACECREATIONS (5th Element Music, Portugal)

PERIOD THE END ( Looney Moon Experiment , USA )

QUANTA (Enig'matik Records,UK)

SERGRIO WALLGOOD ( Ajnavision Records , Portugal )


UTERO (Visionary Mind Records, Hungary)

WOLFEYE ( Visionary Mind , Netherlands / Hungary )

WAGAWAGA (Acroplane Records,UK)


ALAN RICHIE (Bom Shanka Music, UK)

BAKSHISH (Looney Moon Experiment, Italy)

FOG (Looney Moon Experiment, Italy)

HOMFOO (Looney moon experiment , Italy )

KUDJO (Ajnavision Records, Croatia)

MAJAH (Ministarstvo Psihodelije, Croatia)

PHILLIP HAMMERS (Nomadstribe, Germany)

PILA (Ministarstvo Psihodelije, Croatia)

PIPAL (Ministarstvo Psihodelije, Croatia )

SHOSHANA (Mamis Magic, Slovenia )

SPIRIT HOOD (Ajnavision Records, Portugal)

VAL VASHAR (Zenon Records, Croatia )

ZOOLOG (Parvati Records, Denmark)


NEIL GIBSON ( Canada )











till 10th february 50 eur

till 1st april 60 eur

till 1st june 70 eur

till 1st of august 80 eur

at the gate : 95 eur

Online purchase :

For ambassadors check webpage! 


market place: shops@modemfestival.com

volunteers : volunteers@modemfestival.com

workshops and leisures : workshops@modemfestival.com

For any other info or questions don't hesitate to send us email on info@modemfestival.com





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After Momento Demento's first, late announced, but successful festival in September 2012, the Mo:Dem crew excitedly

pushes forward with their second edition, this time in August - the height of the summer season.

10 days after Ozora ,3 days after Lost Theory festival and only 100km away.

The festival's new location is magnificently situated along side one of the most beautiful and cleanest rivers in

heart of Croatia - Mreznica.

The Mo:Dem crew are striving to provide something NEW; a guaranteed blasting psychedelic experience,a carefully maintained underground spirit and a maximum connection to nature at this very unique location -

4 nights and 5 days of full power psychedelic music & art, featuring some of the best DJ's, music producers and artists from around the globe.








Second phase tickets for 60€ are ON!

Available till 1st of April@



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We aim to give you a luxurious experience in a gorgeous location. In this picture you can see where we will be setting up the market and chill out areas.

This serene area of the festival will be a haven for festival attendees, with lush green grass, and pure, crystal clean drinkable water.

Don't forget your swimming gear, as you can also bathe in the cool waters during the hot Croatian Summer sun. Camping will also be in close vicinit

to this area so you will never have to travel too far!

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  • 2 weeks later...

This year we are excited to have CLEAR SOUND from Bulgaria on board with us, who will provide their highest quality sound package as a 'line array'.

Clear Sound have 8 years experience providing top quality sound for many festivals, parties and other events around Bulgaria and the surrounding countries,

including Aurora Festival, Hybrid UV, PakaWala and Tree of Life. Catering from small, intimate gigs, to huge stages with thousands of people,

these guys really know how to get the clearest and loudest sound right to your ears, and will be working hard with us

and our stage design team to deliver only the best results.


For more information and pictures, please check out their website www.cscproaudio.com

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Our first Official Mo:Dem compilation is coming out soon in limited number of copies,and it will be available for free download!


01 Chris Rich & Module Virus - Space Face

02 R2 - Xzotik Adventure

03 Southwild - Mind Control Device

04 Dust vs. Whiptongue - Da Blah

05 Chris Rich - Back in the Cosmos

06 Harmonic Rebel - Threatened Secrets

07 Nomad 25 - M3ntal Gam3zz

08 Sprocket - Biomechanical

09 Synthetik Chaos - Momento Demento Bricolage

10 Disintegrated Circuits - The world thinks I'm a freak

Stay tuned!
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To stay in complete harmony, minimise our impact on this year’s beautiful festival location, and to ensure we give the best possible experience to festival attendees, we have decided to limit the number of tickets to 3000.

There is less than 10 days left to get your 70€ tickets @ hadra.net or accessallareas.org
So,don't miss out and grab your tickets now!
Check these fresh pics taken on the location and some lineup updates on both stages !
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On your way to MoDem..

RASTOKE, nestled in a remarkable canyon, in the suburb of Slunj (near the town Slunj), is a picturesque watermill village

situated about 100 km from Zagreb along the main road D1.

The River Slunjčica flows through the village, and over travertine rocks into the river Korana, creating many small lakes, rapids,

waterfalls, and holes where otters can often be found in large numbers.

Rastoke is often referred to as "The Small Lakes of Plitvice", as its lakes are approximately 33 km away, and have similar geology.

Built in the 17th century, is a great example of the symbiosis of nature's fantastic creations and human technical

achievements spanning many centuries, and is home to many mills, plus has a great ambiance and heritage.

Due to this unique blend of architectural, historical and ethnographic heritage, in 1969 Rastoke was registered as an

immovable cultural monument at the Regional Institute for Protection of Cultural Monuments in Zagreb.

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ATTENTION FOLKS ; only 1 day left untill the end of presale !

Thank you everyone for your support so far — the response has been amazing. Capacity at the festival is limited to just 3 000 people — so if you want to be sure to have your place at MODEM, please book your pre-sale ticket by going to
See you SOON TIME and don't forget to like our FB page for the latest info and updates.
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