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Melancholic End of world Mix


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In honour of the end of the world, I just recorded the first mix in 2 years. This one is downbeat and features a lot of my own tracks as well. Its very melancholic, as it should be when the world ends, but it ends on a happy note. Because "There will be no Armageddon"! Check it out!




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BTW, heres the tracklist, i forgot to post it, fairness provides one should do at least that if using other peoples music. Merry Christmas!!


1.) Volor Flex - Foretime (Origami Sound)

2.) Burial - Truant (Hyperdub)

3.) Nate Conelly - Broken Windows (Aleph Zero)

4.) Desolate - Synaestetic (Faux Pas Music)

5.) Shed - Slow Motion Replay (Ostgut Ton)

6.) Burial - U Hurt Me (Hyperdub)

7.) GaySatanicHippie - Dicht

8.) Nocow - You better no one (Origami Sound)

9.) Borelis - Drop (Origami Sound)

10.) Borealis - Womb (Origami Sound)

11.) GaySatanicHippie - Bach on Crack (Back on Crack Remix)

12.) Lisa Gerrard - Sacrifice (4AD)

13.) John Coltrane - Naima (Atlantic)

14.) Massive Attack - Paradise Circus (Burial Remix) (Vynil Factory)

15.) Gay Satanic Hippie - Eine kleine Gefühlsduselei

16.) Gay Satanic Hippie - Am Anfang war der Snopf

17.) Ooze - Trying Outwards (Aleph Zero)

18.) Nada - Raja Mati (Liquid Sound Design)

19.) Jaia - After the Rain (Yellow Feather Reords)

20.) Jean Michel Jarre - Oxygene II (Les Disques Motors)

21.) Union Jack - There Will Be No Armageddon (Platipus Records)

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