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Artist: Odiseo

Title: Fenix EP

Label: Spin Twist Records

Date: 25-10-2011

Style: Progressive Trance




1. Api (06:16)

2. Fenix (06:52)


It didn't take me long to find out that I absolutely love this EP! It's one on the lighter side of progressive and It has this offbeat touch to it, typical Spin Twist Records. If you can dig this style, you will probably enjoy this release a lot.


Another thing I love is the perfectly matching voice sample in the 'Api' track:


'There is something you need to know about progressive music. It makes your life much better!'


I'm not making this up, I can proudly say I have noticed it throughout my life and this song proves it once again. If you don't believe me just go listen to this EP and you will notice it soon enough. 'Fenix' is the same story as 'Api', both tracks have such a slick and crispy feeling to it, that while I'm listening I just don't want it to end. What more can I say, Odiseo did a great job if you ask me. Really living up to the other stuff he produced.











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