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Mystic Mind - Singularity

Mystic Mind

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Hi everyone,


Just finished up this mix and would like to share it with you. Hope you enjoy.


Cheers. :)





1) Raxon - Into The Summer--Replug

2) BendeliGht - Naturiala (Silinder Remix)--D&B Records

3) Mike Griego - People change (Kassey Voorn's Heavenly remiX)--Replug

4) GMJ - new dawn (kasey taylors rainbow serpent mix)--Vapour Recordings

5) Hernan cattaneo and soundexile ft. tomomi ukumori - cripsis (quivver dub)--Sudbet Music

6) Sasse/Stelios Vassiloudis - The Z (Steve bug remix)-Bedrock Records

7) Santiago Garcia - Frayed (original mix)--Balkan Connection

8) Darin Epsilon - bahamut (fiord remix)--Replug

9) David Granha - day-t (original mix)--Replug

10) dave brody - eclipse (Original mix)--Labyrinth Music

11) Monaque - dos3000 (quivver remix)--microCastle

12) soulwerk - fraktals (Alex & Filip remix)--Replug

13) Khen - Ginger (Guy Mantzur & Kehn remix)--Whose Haus

14) 16 Bit Lolitas - Bratwurst--Bits And Pieces

15) Erdi Irmak - Android (Blusoul remix)--Underground City Music

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