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Hanna Hanna Art Gathering & Festival 15-20 August 2012, Slovakia


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Hanna Hanna is a meetup of Mamma Gaia, music, magic, art, technology, ecology, trance, technology, intergalactic monkeys, alien otherfunkerz, many many pozitif vibrationez....9 stages from folk to tekno: 1. koncert - main stage with full soundsetup for anykind of live gigs, 2. chill - in the forest in a living willow sculpture with a chaihouse, open fireplace and heavy bassline, 3. healing, 4. disco - betveen ancient trees we try to help and save, ubudubu electronic voodoo, 5. folkstage, 6.kitchen and freespace stage for enybody want to perform, with a children and workshop area, 7. panic- the main bar of the festival a spaceship rund on steam of homebrewed spirits, with lot of elektronica, cigantek, beatbox and hiphop, 8. illegal - for hardtek, freetek dubstep geeks, 9. whamongum for performances theatres trash-blues and punkrock


out-of subcultures, nations, int-er species, galactic


on the holy land of Kolarovo in Slovakia, the home of the brave and land of the free, on a beautiful island with ship watermill, ancient forest, donkey, goats...gooze maffia..soundsystemz .....from 15 of aug 2012.... from the fifths building-art-workshop camp -


no subcultures, but lot of sub:), al genres, outer national-intergalactic high synergy noosphere


be careful!high level of synchronicity, and telepathic experiences


limited tickets(more feet to step in the natural reserve more disturbed flora)


since 8 years


fightin for JAH!


Inadi champion style

this is the takeover

stop the madness

start the gladness


and forget about the sadness


Everybody is all and holy and healthy




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