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Mystic Mind - Northern Lights

Mystic Mind

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Hello everyone,


Here is my latest progressive mix. Hope you enjoy. :)






1) Tom Glass - Naive (Nick Warren's psychedelic remix) (Hope Recordings)

2) Deep Funk - Tulips grow in space (Original mix) (Replug)

3) Victor K - colors of highway (simon firth remix) (Underground City music)

4) Ambeam - first landing (Mistiquemusic)

5) cid inc - magnify (original mix) (AlterImage Recordings)

6) distant vibes - voices (Distant Records)

7) Kay-D - awakening in the green (Matteo Monero remix) (Mistiquemusic)

8) Sasha - cut me down (kintar remix)

9) Beatbastards - Apollo (Iono Music)

10) 21 street - stack mode (relaunch remix) (Stripped Recordings)

11) Atmos - Soundglider (human element remix) (Iboga)

12) Phunk Investigation - bamboo (Baptism)

13) MSZ - Airtight

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