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Metatronic 6 .:. Presented by The Chilluminati .:. April 27, 2012

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The Chilluminati Present, in our sixth year, our one-night Psychedelic and Goa Trance event: Metatronic! This is an open-invite, full-scale music and art event taking place in Central Illinois. Amazing audio navigation from some of the best Live Psychedelic Acts in the Midwest, Interactive Visuals, artwork and installations, kinetic UV performances, and more!


Join The Chilluminati and Psymbolic as we ramp up for the festival season and progress through Goa, Psytrance, Psychill, and PsyDM in a Live Interactive Visual Environment.


Doors will not open for those under 21 until 10pm.


Ticket prices start at only $10 USD and will gradually increase closer to the event. Get them now while they're cheap!



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d.N.x. - danefex.com Chicago


“I like to play a lot of aggressive trance - stuff that builds up and stuff that breaks down, but always stays uptempo. Depending on the energy and mood of the crowd, I will vary all of this. It just depends on the vibe…” (Massive Magazine)


dan efex is well known for his ability to draw a frenzied excitement out of even the mellowest of crowds. It is not uncommon to see fans packed shoulder to shoulder, hands in the air, as he leads them through an energetic and intoxicating journey on the dance floor. There are many who consider him to be one of the founders of the Midwest’s trance scene, a scene that is still strong and growing today. He was one of the first to introduce the Midwest to the soaring build-ups and powerful explosions characteristic of some of his styles of trance. But although Dan is perhaps best known for his trance, do not be fooled -- he is as diverse as he is skilled! His repertoire of past events includes sets with progressive trance, psychedelic trance, hard techno, hard core, hard house, slow breaks, tribal and ambient. He mixes it up and keeps it interesting. His unfailing ability to read the crowd and know precisely what to plug in ensures that he leaves no stragglers behind on his musical excursions.



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The Professor - Metatrance


Bradley John (The Professor) has been involved in the electronic music scene for almost 13 years. Being versatile in all styles and platforms, The Professor can be booked for any time frame and fill the void for any type of electronic music festival. He got his start in Florida in the summer of 1998 when he earned his degree in the recording arts, so you know his mixing skills are phenomenal.


By knowing his music inside and out Bradley John can create an atmosphere that makes you want to dance until the club closes down or the sun is high in the sky. He has a special connection with his audience and feeds off their energy creating mind-blowing, unforgettable sets. You can always catch him scanning the crowd to see what kind of emotional mayhem he is cooking up in the Professor’s laboratory.


His passion right now is psychedelic trance, but he enjoys playing progressive, downtempo, and breakbeats. Being a cofounder of the Trancepsyndicate, collaborating with Overmindworks in Arizona, and organizing events with the Chilluminati collective out of Chicago, he has gained much respect in the EDM and psytrance community. Right now he is in the process of hosting more spiritual, artistic family style gatherings under Metaentrance with his partner in crime and love SunRa.


Expect to be drawn straight to the dancefloor when the Professor teaches class! Psyentific technology for your neurotransmitters!



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Primordial Ooze - Chicago/Milwaukee


The Primordial Ooze project was created by DJ’s Kaiser Soze and S.O.T. as an experiment in genetic sound programming and nano-acoustic engineering… Self-replicating and mutating algorithms, swarms of frequencies that collaborate, breed and communicate, flourish in an environment of artificial selection and continual evolution. Currently working on two albums this energetic live act is continuously expand / collapsing their farm of pet-frequencies with various sonic creatures. These lively pets can cause serious mayhem on the dancefloor! But with properly tied shoes, participants are generally safe and happy.



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Psymbolic - L.I.V.E. - Chicago


Visual --- beat synched thematic crowd responsive projections...theme orientated and composed of customized video modules, in which Psymbolic personally creates. During a live performance they use customized realtime visual software and hardware to synch video loops, camera inputs and effects to the mood of the momentous music.



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Junjuar - Bloomington, IL



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Energon - Chicago



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Koru - Chicago



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PsychoHazzard - Chicago



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Scatter - Madison





This venue is strictly 18+ with a valid driver's license.


Metatronic will begin at 10:00PM (with a target end time of 7:00am)


Come early, stay late!



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~~Event Information~~


This is an all-night, all-inclusive psychedelic and goa trance event located in the downtown Bloomington industrial district. Admission is restricted to ages 18 and up and there will be strict ID checks at the door.


We encourage you to purchase pre-sale tickets to guarantee admission and to save a few bucks. Ticket pre-sales are being offered by Psymbolic.




THIS IS A LEAVE NO TRACE EVENT. This means that you are expected to pick up after yourselves and help us return the venue to its owners in the same, IF NOT BETTER, condition than it was before.


Doors open at 10PM CST. You may be able to arrive early if you contact us ahead of time. Let us know what is on your mind.


This is an indoor event with a dedicated smoking area in compliance with Illinois Public Act 095-1029.





Buy tickets through Psymbolic to guarantee admission. Cost is currently just $10 per person, and will gradually increase as the event gets nearer and will be event more @ the door if still available!




There will be running water that is safe to drink at no cost for the entire event.




R.O.A.R. (or Right Of Admission Reserved) is in effect for this event.



It is only through the participation of The Chilluminati Community we can make these events happen. We encourage participation on all levels, through any directive. Help us grow!


few more details:


-please do not park on the street. the parking enforcement in that area is very unclear, and while you won't get towed for parking on the street, you might get a parking ticket. There are 3 parking garages nearby on Market St, Monroe St, and Front St. All are just a few blocks from the venue, and have free overnight parking. Use those to be safe.


-Ins and Outs are allowed. There are several bars and restaurants nearby, as well as our favorite Hookah bar, The Smoker's Den, which is one block away. There is also one of our favorite pizza/pasta joints right next door, Lucca Grille. Although leaving and re-entry is allowed, we do ask that you make every effort to come prepared to stay.


-We ask that you do not arrive before 10pm for Metatronic. There will be no general admission between 800pm and 930pm. This is to minimize incoming traffic to the venue and to be respectful to their show beforehand.


-The event @ Laugh before Metatronic is a 21+ show only, and there will be no underage admission until after that is wrapped up. This is a stipulation that we have agreed to with the City of Bloomington in order to have Metatronic be an 18+ event, and it will be strictly enforced.

-We can always use help with setup. Please contact us directly if you'd like to come out for early setup.


Any other questions, please have your people contact our people.



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