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lespecial / Space Jesus / Blue Boy Productions + @ Sullivan Hall [2.11.12]

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**The Brothership Connection Tour**


lespecial - Space Jesus - Blue Boy Productions - Mikey Likes iT


M.B.P is excited to announce the NYC stop of The Brothership Connection Tour at Sullivan Hall. This one of a kind, all immersive audio/visual event will feature one of the most creative young trios in the game today, lespecial. Coming with them will be Space Jesus, Blue Boy Productions, Mikey Likes iT, and visual guru VJ Adrenochrome (who was a huge part in helping M.B.P bring the silent disco stage to life at Camp Bisco X). The talent and passion that all of these artists bring with them wherever they go is unmatched, and we could not be more excited to help bring this tour to the Big Apple.


Saturday, February 11th, 2012


Sullivan Hall - 214 Sullivan Street New York, NY 10012-1354




Show @ 11:30 PM


Tickets $10 / http://www.ticketweb.com/t3/sale/SaleEventDetail?dispatch=loadSelectionData&eventId=4239345&pl=cegsullivan






lespecial has been making waves throughout the north east with notoriously tight live sets ridden with raucous improv and sheer variety. The trio explodes with a dexterous live energy that taps into a raw and primitive, yet futuristic sound that has been turning heads wherever they play. Fusing organic, improvisational elements used by their heros Miles Davis and Fela Kuti with electronic music influences such as Aphex Twin and Flying Lotus they have developed their powerful, constantly evolving voice to create a universal groove that is unique among their contemporaries.


After an enormously successful summer in 2011, playing prime time as well as late night slots at more than 10 festivals including being voted into, and then hand picked by Soulive, to play the inaugural Royal Family Affair at Stratton Mountain with many of their musical idols. In October the band decided to use their experience to create their own festival, "lespeshtival", and push the boundaries of what a musical festival can be. The result was a 500 person crowd of all ages, featuring 22 musical acts on 2 stages, along with completely immersive and intricate decor including video projections, stilt walkers, live blacksmithing, and a massive sit-down potluck dinner. Also performing was an impressive youth ensemble, all students of "The Music Cellar", a music studio in Millerton, NY that Grusauskas opened in December 2010 at which all three members of lespecial, two of whom now have degrees in music, teach private and group lessons. You can now find the determined and dangerous trifecta on The Brothership Connection Tour along with future-bass comrades Space Jesus and Blue Boy Productions and experience for yourself what Performer Magazine calls their "schizophrenic versatility, spelunking between heavy metal bass synths, bassy club thumps and an eccentric, glitchy video game adventure".



Space Jesus



Philly based EDM producer Jasha Tull has created an ever expanding and mind melting experience as Space Jesus. Exploring a multitude of EDM stylings and effectively branding each track with his own bass fueled, psychedelic, Hip-Hop flavor, Space Jesus delivers music that is undeniably fresh and consistently captivating. Jasha began producing music at age 16 with an initial focus on Hip-Hop, that eventually led to his fascination with the production of future-bass music. In 2011, Jasha released SPACE JESUS EP, which immediately brought him an incredible amount of followers throughout the East Coast.


Quickly gaining recognition for his individuality, creativity, and high-energy live show, Space Jesus has been popping up all over the states, sharing the stage with incredible acts such as Conspirator, Two Fresh, Minnesota, The Polish Ambassador and Bluetech. Space Jesus has instantly become a mainstay of the electronic music festival scene, with appearances at The Magnetic Gathering and The Big Up in 2011. Hustlin' hard into the new year, Space Jesus shown no signs of slowing down. Keep your eyes peeled, or keep 'em shut, either way you're bound to see Space Jesus tear a wormhole right through the 2012 festival season.



Blue Boy Productions



BBP is a duo specializing in intense bass heavy dance music that spans the genres of EDM, blending live instruments with samples and original productions in a way that allows for real improvisation and unrehearsed moments of creativity and spontaneity.


Since their live debut in April 2009 BBP has played shows with OTT, Bluetech, Eskmo, Jazzsteppa, RAQ, Telepath, Big Gigantic, Emancipator, Marco Benevento Trio, Eliot Lipp, Psylab, Beam & Deem, Sonic Spank, Blockhead, Biodiesel, Jeff Bujak, Zebbler Encanti Experience, Afro Monk, Superfiction, The Hippocampus, Joe Nice, and many more, as well as late night sets at underground afterparties for The Disco Biscuits, STS9, and Shpongle. The future will see BBP performing shows with some of the best EDM acts at venues throughout New England and at Wonder Bar in Allston, Massachusetts where they produce Music Ecology - a weekly Tuesday night underground electronic dance party.



Mikey Likes iT



Mikey Likes iT is the musical identity of Michael Robinson, a NJ based EDM producer whose music is a blend of intricate bass-lines and atmospheric soundscapes. Mikey began his courtship with music at the age of 13 when he picked up a pair of Technics 1200's and began experimenting with happy hardcore and techno. His skills progressed quickly and soon he was playing raves and warehouse parties with some of the biggest DJ's on the east coast. After entering college, Mikey felt the urge to delve deeper into the creative side of music and began producing with Ableton. His early beats were infused with both Hip-Hop and Electronic rhythms, often blurring the line between the two. He soon discovered that bass was his weapon of choice, and his tracks started to take on more of a dubstep feel. During this time, Mikey was a member of the DJ group The Future Kids with Jasha Tull aka Space Jesus and Bart Tyrpien aka Bartlomein. The dance friendly blends and remixes which made The Future Kids a household name in the central Jersey party scene taught Mikey the methods to hype a crowd. In 2011, these three came together to form the Planet Cognac collective, often collaborating on productions and sharing the stage at shows. These days, Mikey's music can best be described as a bass-fueled deep space adventure sprinkled with hints of glitch-hop, lazerbass, breaks, drum n' bass, and dubstep. His energetic sets have left crowds in a frenzy across the Northeast, playing alongside acts such as Conspirator, Phutureprimitive, Bluetech, KJ Sawka, Wobblesauce, Damn Right, Space Jesus, and many others. One thing that's been proven: if Mikey likes it, your friends will too.




Bringing you the FRESHEST beats in the NORTHEAST




**For information on how to become part of our ever-growing team, and to earn free tickets, contact: streetteam@mrbugsly.com**


For all other inquires: info@mrbugsly.com

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