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We Are Not Machines (PhasePhour Live)


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Da var det på tide å lage en skikkelig fest igjen :)


Love&Magic i samarbeid med Freetransform Records kan med glede kunne presentere en skikkelig fest med PhasePhour, DJ Bom Shankar og en rekke andre godbiter denne kvelden i februar.


PhasePhour er tilbake i Norge etter å ha bodd i New York og vært på en omfattende turne rundt i USA i løpet av sommeren/høsten 2011. Det er veldig mange år siden de har gjort en live opptreden i Norge, og dermed er det virkelig på tide å gjøre en skikkelig fest på hjemmebane.




Love&Magic i samarbeid med Freetransform Records presenterer:



..:: Hovedromstasjon ::..

PhasePhour *Live* (BMSS Records, Norge)

Bom Shankar (BMSS Records - Tyskland)

Skjeggemannen (Freetransform Records, gdtox)

Kapein Hekta (Love&Magic)


..:: ChillOut Lounge ::..

Brundlefly (Love&Magic)

Skogsdrøm (Love&Magic)

LST (Love&Magic)

Ras Mohi & Lady Linda (Raspoeira Sound)




Anna Karenina Anda (e-mail: annakarenina.design@gmail.com)






..:: PhasePhour *Live* (BMSS Records, Norge) ::..

PhasePhour has its roots in one of the most northern peaks of the planet: Norway. The project is in the experienced hands of John Robert Egeland, Eldar von Essen and Christer Andersson. The sound of PhasePhour is not easily defined. With its massive melodic full-on sound combined with a deep Scando landscape, it’s a perfect combination to both move the dance floor and for repeated listening at home. PhasePhour has released two full albums; the praised debut album "Boiing & Zipp" and the second album "Fun From Far Away". With other numerous releases on major labels like Shiva Space Technology, Chill Tribe, Aleph Zero, Geomagnetic Records, and upcoming releases on BSMM Records and Digital Distortion Records, PhasePhour has earned its way into the international psytrance scene as one of the leading artist coming out of Norway. PhasePhour has been playing live around the globe several times with amazing performances in Europe, USA, Brazil and Mexico.





..:: Bom Shankar (BMSS Records - Tyskland) ::..

Shankar, "beneficent" or "conferring happiness" reflects one of the many names for Shiva, one of the 3 main deities in the Indian pantheon. His dance is the rhythm of the world, the beat of the heart, the cycle of day and night. Boom is a term used by the Indian sadhus to partake in the religious consumption of charras and contemplate the cosmic nature and presence of God. German based Boom Shankar is Armin Guenther and DJ's for Psychedelic Trance, label manager of BMSS Records and event promoter within Europe. Having his initiation with the Goa Trance scene in the early nineties and by travelling the globe since then, his sets is a constant mirror of the melting pot situation the Psytrance scene is facing since its origin. Whether he is guiding you through the night or into the morning, the outcome of his sets is always a voyage of energy, deepness and bliss showing a character clearly distinguishable from the common formula. His flexibility in terms of 'styles' is a certain proof that he is trying to capture every vibe of the dance floor and to transform it into frequencies. Temporarily, he is featuring primarily British Psychedelic Trance artists, going back on many good friendships and a deep connectedness with the Brits. Groovy, deep, hallucinating, adult and hypnotizing! In addition and based on his young incarnation to the scene, he is playing old-school sets as well, featuring early Goa Trance, certainly something special for the adults! The teaming up with his mate Alexsoph lead to the project ABS and showed proof that two elements are more than just the sum of their parts. Having played at many underground events worldwide, he has developed a full understanding of the flow and the energies of the dance floor in order to reach deeper levels of Trance. Understanding and living Djing as a mutual form of communication with the dance floor according to "giving and receiving" lead to ecstatic feedback on festivals like Paradise Waterfalls, Antaris Project, Summer Never Ends Festival, Paradise Festival, Rebirth, Roenaissance Festival, Magic Castle of Mesocco, Tesmoforie, Full and Black Moon, Pyramiduna, Transylvania Calling or Somuna or at gigs in clubs such as the former Natraj Temple, Om Trance Club or parties in the Himalayan Range in Nepal, at the shores of the Atlantic in Portugal or in the Vietnamese Embassy in Phnom Phen...







..:: Skjeggemannen (Freetransform Records, gdtox.com) ::..

Etter fire år i eksil i hobbitens rike er Skjeggemannen tilbake i gamlelandet og klar for å diske opp litt dansbar musikk igjen. Skjeggemannen var tidligere labelmanager og DJ for Freetransform Records, men har nå hovedsaklig den multi-genre podcasten "The Detox Clinic For Genre Addiction (gdtox.com)" som utløp for sin musikalske sidesprang.




..:: Kaptein Hekta (Love&Magic) ::..




MÅNEFISKEN ChillOut Lounge



..:: Brundlefly (Love&Magic - Norge) ::..



..:: Skogsdrøm (Love&Magic - Norge) ::..


..:: LST (Love&Magic - Norge) ::..


..:: Ras Mohi & Lady Linda (Raspoeira Sound - Somalia / Norge) ::..



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