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Some thoughts when listening, please have in mind, this is just my opinion and im very critical and also learning goa trance making. Also i write straight without flowers. This is straight my impression and ideas....


The composition seems clean and professional but can be improved.


A few thoughts:

The intro is to long - make it maybe just 30 seconds, but with unique buildups and maybe some ambience sounds,the song could start with some more vibration and maybe use some more percussion here and there and FX! (for example here you can get 500mb sample pack with FX sounds http://www.laptoprockers.eu/ or elsewhere just saying )


In the first break i would repeat parts of the voice or use echo on the end ...


The arp could need some more cutoff/filter/volume play and different octaves. Or try to exchange it with a track of bass midi pattern with acid developing. the arp is to loud and to present on the most times.... And add in a Lead with chords maybe? Or you can play with pan automation to get bouncing sound effects (something i working currently on at my track :D )


Build in some breaks at the logic steps ( 4/8/16 patterns) and add some filtering here and there. The overall vibe is good though! Maybe take some impression from this video http-~~-//www.youtube.com/watch?v=hRekoJVaCXk&feature=player_embedded


Maybe start/end teh track with the bass pattern off beat for 4 tacts. In teh last segment there the snare seems to dominant maybe? or maybe the kick is not loud enough.



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Awesome comment man :) You really said what is lacking.

I am actually kind of aware of them. This time I was concentrating more on the meaning and melody, something I wanted to make since a long time. For the next track I will try not to miss any element.


Thank you very much for taking your time. And also good luck with your Goa journey :)

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The ambient at 1:40 around is not loud enough :) Is this an ocean wave?


And i would start at around 1:30 with some real kickoff :)


The track is cool, nevertheless at 2:5ß maybe soem more arabic vibes and arabic woman voice sample? Ophrahaza? The sample from Mooji are really cool.

At around 4:20 something more must happen, like some drum actions + more percussions?


At 4:50 around the song should start again to take off :) Now its a bit to soft for a dancefloor blockbuster :)


At 5:40 i would bring in some acid goa oldschool vibes ... a bit repetitive then. I think the song is to long too. Try make it 7-9 mins?


5:40 - 7:00 something is missing, voice, goa tune, or some single tones with echos on it?


AT 8:00 really nice vibes. Now comes the baseline 8:30 take off to soft again :)



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Thank you for the detailed review man :)

The Ambient sound is suppose to be 'wind' lol

The track is meant to be more spiritual.So I have consciously avoided too much of energy(only 130bpm). This track is on Indian scale and based on an Advaita text called 'Avadhuta Gita' so Arabic vibes wont fit.


You are perfect!!!! Bhoom

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