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VA - Nine Spheres to Enlightenment - Compiled by Silent Existence

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We are proud to have finally finished our compilation after hard work and a longer period of time then we have expected. We want to thank all the artists that contributed and made this happen. Also a very special thanks goes to Joe MacGown for the artwork that we could have never imagined, and to Makus ( Overdream ) for doing a very professional work with the mastering.


Release description:


In order to truly appreciate what nature has to offer, you have to really open up your mind in new ways, which may take steps. Why not nine steps.


Posted Image




01.Zalabim - Necrosis 2000 130 BPM

02.Whrikk - Hidden Diskette 149 BPM

03.Gorm - Grumble 150 BPM

04.Nolm - Walkin Talkin 148 BPM

05.Paganopath - Kozjak 150 BPM

06.Cream Corp - Wood Goblin 150 BPM

07.Farebi Jalebi - Who's Who In The Zoo 148 BPM

08.Gu & Sticky Liquids & Suzi - Project Doradora 150 BPM

09.Biosynthesis - Big Hunting 148 BPM


Compiled by : Silent Existence ( http://www.facebook.com/silentexistence )

Mastered by : Makus (Overdream) @ Overdream Studio ( http://www.overdreamstudio.com )

Artwork by : Joe MacGown ( http://joemacgown.com/ )

Release Date : 20.09.2011



Free Internet Release by:

Silent Existence


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