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Braindrop - Primitive Future EP - OUT NOW (Psylife Music 2011)

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Braindrop - Primitive Future EP (incl. Para Halu remix) OUT NOW (Psylife Music 2011)


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Title: Primitive Future EP

Artist: Braindrop + Para Halu remix

Record label: Psylife Music

Distribution: INgrooves.com & Psylife.net

Release date: July/2011 - OUT NOW exclusively at http://www.psylife.net



Release Info:


Latest relase of Psylife Music introduces indian psy-trance producer Braindrop and two of his beautifully abstract full-on works. The music is funky, deep, dark, hypnotic and energetic, perfect for blasting night or day on the psychedelic dance floors. The cinematic remix by Para Halu for the main title "Primitve Future" adds another precise twist to the newest must-have Psylife Music EP.





1. Primitive Future

2. Primitive Future (Para Halu remix)

3. Tribal Monster



Listen & Download all tracks at the PSYLIFE store:


Support the artists, support psychedelic art!

If you love the music, get it directly from us:





The music will be available at Beatport, iTunes and countless other shops from the 15th August.



About Braindrop


With a wide range of influences such as acid house, techno, breaks, drum n bass or industrial, India born Braindrop aka Sumith Suresh is the most sought after psy-trance producer of his country. His style, a unique blend of futuristic rhythms with an organic touch has gathered him much attention over the years. In 2011 he joined Psylife Music, the diverse label headed by Para Halu. His debut full-length album is scheduled sometime in 2012. Since 2009 Sumith is also managing the record label called Occulta Records releasing psychedelic progressive and techno tunes.







Braindrop EUROPE TOUR 2011


Braindrop is available for bookings in Europe this summer between 25 July and 2 September.


If you are interested please write to booking@psylife.net for more info!



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