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The Experience Festival 2012


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Many profecies predicted 2012 as "The End"...
but as one thing ends, another begins...
A new beat after the melody...
Sound after the silence...

This is a time of CHANGE...

This is the time to respect nature.
THIS is the time to remember what we are here for!

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The Experience Festival

We are very pleased to invite you to the
fourth chapter of the Experience Festival
on the breath-taking island of Koh Tao,
amazing Thailand!

Once again we will be creating an event specifically designed to
awaken your senses and send you dancing into the new year
with a smile on your face and peace in your heart.

We have carefully chosen a line up of artists, dj's and vj's from around the planet
who will be delivering a treasure-chest of sights and sounds that have
never been Experienced before and which will electrify your mind.

Join us in paradise from December 30th till January 2nd for this magical Experience.

A maximum of 2012 entry tickets will be available for this event.
Presales will start from October 1st.
(available only from outlets on Koh Tao and Koh Phangan, to be announced at a later date.)

Check the web for updates in the coming months.
Are you Experienced...?


Paul Taylor (Kundalini rec/SPUN) UK
Ital (Antu rec) CL
Mental Broadcast (Twenty4seven rec) BR
Parasense (Bomshanka Music) RU
Ajja (Peak rec) CH
Funky Dragon (Iono Music) SP
Aho (Antu rec) CL
Bitkit (Naturall Productions) BE


Scotty (Vuuv Festival) DE
Sabaii Sabaii (Spirit Zone) T
Antaro (Spirit Zone) DE
Leung (Magic Phangan) TH
Jonnie (Ban Sabaii) UK
Jork (Bluemoon) TH
Ygriega (Iono Music/Oui R1) CA
Sebastian Kos (Freunde Der Nacht/BK rec) CH
Derby (Banbarena.mic) JP
Note (Frakasound rec) TH
Betty (Tesseract Studio) SP
Apnea (Naturall Productions) BE
Jo Moontribe (Ban Sabaii) M
Venus Vibes (Shivamoon) DE
Jacky (Oozebar) TH
Jezebel UK
Aka (Blackmoon Culture) TH
Tripical (All rec) TH
Patt (Samunphai Psyproject) TH
Oli (Ban Sabaii) UK
Ping (Halfmoon Festival) TH
Chill Two-Eyed Violet (Naturall productions) BE
Raphaël (In10s FREAKuencies) CH
Libra (ThongNaiPantrance) DE
Saikot (Epic Tribe) RU

more to be announced
Deco Decoration:
Magic Phangan & Carin Dickson


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