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Mystic Mind - Freedom Of Expression 03

Mystic Mind

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Hello everyone,


Here is my latest mix for this month.


Mystic Mind - Freedom Of Expression 03




1) Narel - Run (Planisphere Remix) (Bonzai)

2) day dream - bass ride (Digital Nature Rec)

3) e-clip - asia tribe (YSE)

4) kliment - day of illusion (TesseracT)

5) monod - oscilating universe (Prog On Syndicate)

6) Ma’Co - Phantasy (Mikrokosmos Records)

7) gaudium and ace ventura - in between (Iboga)

8) wizzy noise - lost atlantis (Harmonia Records)

9) human blue - intercity (Spiral Trax)

10) sonic species - infinity (Alchemy Records)

11) elecdruids - one destiny (Groove Control Records )

12)zen mechanics - off the grid (burn in noise rmx)(Neurobiotic Records)

13) gaiana - blue energy

14) namarrkon - event horizon (Highly Evolved Music)

15) 12 moons - invisible light (Spiral Trax)

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