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Arcadia Festival 2011 - 26/28 August - France

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Lineup Trance Stage

Aki- Species (Ultra groove rec) Serbia
Antix (Iboga rec) New Zealand
Asimilon (Bom shanka / Psymetrix) England
Atyss (Sonic motion rec) France
Dick Trevor (Nano rec) England
Digital talk & Phatmatix dj set (Hadra & Sonic motion) France
DigiCult (Dacru rec) Belgium
DJ SLATER feat. U-PRAG DRUMMERS (Tribal Vision Records) Cz
Grouch (Zenon rec) New Zealand
Headroom (Nano rec) SOuth Africa
HP (World people prod / krimoditif) France
Jeanmi (No label/ Arcadia) France
LDB (Oreades production) France
Mindcore (Sonic motion / Yabai rec) France
Miss Tick (SpinTwist / World people) France
Mizoo (Teratone - biolive) Switzerland
Nemesis (Dacru rec) Belgium
Sensifeel (Spin Twist rec) France
Shy-o (Fat Form rec - Liquid Sky Conspiracy) Paris - Goa
Steven aka synaptik (World people) France
Synthetic Chaos (World people) France
The Antidote (Mandala rec) Ibiza
Timelock (BNE/Yoyo) Israel
Weekend Heroes (Plastik Park/Sprout) Israel

Lineup GroovyTech Stage

Adrien (Bus rec/ Unplug) France
Alex Flatner (Circle music/Cocoon) Germany
Andre Gardeja (Freizeitglauben / Bar25) Berlin
Asio aka R-Play (Synewave-Sleaze-Amazone) France
BIN (Stargate rec) Japan
D-nox (Sprout) Allemagne
D-sens (Bus rec/Open rec) France
Eegor (Bus rec/Open rec) Australia
Fiord (Bedrock/Bus) New Zealand
Franck De Villeneuve (Di-progress) France
Kasey Taylor (Vapour rec) Australia
Mal-Funktion (Taylors and path) New Zealand
Pena (Flow rec) Portugal
Piatto (Italo business/1605) Italia
Solead (Three hands/tribal visions) France
Eric Tarlouf (BTRAX/FFC/Frequenza/Sabotage) France
The Bastards (Tonkind) Berlin

Performances, expositions, digital Art lineup very very soon... stay tuned

Preventes premier round jusqu'au 10 mai 2011 - 40€
Preventes deuxieme round jusqu'au 31 Juillet 2011 - 50€
Preventes derniers round jusqu'au 23 Aout 2011 - 60€

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In 2011, the festival's fleeting city Arcadia is going to bloom for the seventh time on a land in the middle of the countryside for your pleasure on August 26th, 27th, 28th.

3 days/2 nights and 2 big floors to welcome many live shows, national as well as international Djs that will make you sail on the ocean of electronic musics together with visual performances.

An openness to every style (electro, techno, minimal, trance, psytrance, downstep, dub, ambiant, house…….).

Let yourself be enhanced by vegetable settings, temporary gardens, paintings, unusual mobiles and the elegance of odd light structures laid out in the fleeting city.

A psynema, street shows, various performances, fireshows and a parade of surprises will boost your satisfaction.

So that to help you fly away : an artcraft market which promotes the cultural diversity of the world as well as an alternative market with exotic food stalls to keep you in a positive mood all week end long.

For your comfort : bungalows to rent, a free camping area and a charged camping area with camping site for tents and camping cars including electricity, water and toilet block are available.
Price and booking : accomodation@aqua-veda.com

To reduce the environmental impact : together, let's opt for the eco-attitude !
Dishes and glasses used are biodegradable.
Glass bottles are forbidden on site.
Dry toilets (one for disabled persons) and shower blocks for public use.
We provide you with ecologic paper, soap and toothpaste.

For your piece and quiet : a security team, efficient but discreet.
Dogs are not allowed on site.

Don't miss this magical gathering.

A 3-day non-stop party for a multicoloured immersion, a bundle of energy and good vibes.

What really matters is your pleasure !

See you soon !

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