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Mountain Madness Nepal - Universal Religion - April 2011


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APRIL 12 to APRIL 24


April 12 & April 13 = Pre Party


April 15 - April 18 = Universal Religion Music Festival


April 20 & April 21 = After Party


April 22 - April 24 = International Tatto & Art Convention.






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Nepal has been a constant on the backpacker’s list of places to visit since the early sixties. A place that offers a little of something for everyone, this Himalayan bound mystic nation is a dream destination for all kinds of travelers. Boasting a rich heritage and a colorful and lively culture, snowcapped peaks, spiritual history and vibrant people, Nepal is all set to host the 2011 edition of Mountain Madness.


We invite you to be part of the pleasant mayhem in April of next year where in you can enjoy the vast Himalayan experience while dancing to the beats of audio wizards from the world over and be part of an ingenious form of living art. Come partake in the quest that promotes love and understanding for each individual, come and preach with us – Universal Religion. With the success of the past editions of the festival, as always it’s our vision to make this coming one bigger and better. Our aim this time is to bring together a community of music and art enthusiasts to share a mind blowing journey together at the festival with super sonic sound geniuses, visually delightful décor, chill section, spiritual camp, other activities and stalls and a great, full power vibe in a divine location. Let’s create a nature-driven gathering that resonates with peace, respect for Mother Nature and a passion for music. Calling all to come and dance and share what’s going to be one of the sub-continents best surreal outdoor gatherings.


Once your feet are tired from all that dancing and you want to get a slice of Nepal you have plenty of options to choose from. Whether you’re looking for an adrenalin rush and wish to plunge from sky-high peaks and dive into fierce rivers or maybe need a dose of shanti time and you’re looking for a spiritual experience you can find it all. With outdoor activities like canoeing, bungee jumping, trekking, river rafting, paragliding etc to name a few, Nepal definitely has its share of speed thrills to tickle your fancy. For animal lovers do visit the large and lush national parks. Get a taste of some fine cuisine in Kathmandu city and shop for great finds at Freak Street and Thamel. Take a time-out and rent a boat on Pokhara lake and don’t forget to try the buff momos.



Packed in together with Mountain Madness is a 3 day international tattoo convention bringing together a collective of International tattoo artists and ink lovers. The vision is to create a platform wherein artists can share their common zeal for body art all under the same roof.




:::LINE UP:::



PROTOCULTURE Nano records - south africa)





AJJA - YAB YUM (Peak records/syncronize records - swiss)







LIQUID SOUL (Iboga music - swiss)






MAD MAXX (Phantasm records/United Beats Music - usa/france)






KEROSENE CLUB (Temple Twisters records - india)






PAINKILLER (Nutek records - israel/spain)






ATRIOHM (Parvati records - macedonia)






SUNGIRL (Digital Om Productions - russia)






ARJUNA (Parvati records - italy)





FUZULU (Temple Twisters records - india)






TWISTED KALA (Disco Valley records/Lycantrop records - france)






ORESTIS (Tantrumm records - greece )






FIBRE STOMP (Digital Om Productions/Digital Distortion records - india)






TADAYAN/TADASHI (Digital Shiva Power - Japan)






FLIPKNOT (Parvati records - india)






MENTAL CONTROL (Digital Om Productions/buddha mantra records - brasil)







more ARTIST & DJs to be added ....



mail : mountainmadnessnepal@gmail.com / kgarira@gmail.com







more info coming soon.....



Regulations & Conditions of the entry


Mountain Madness is a open air music festival by attending and participating in anyway you agree full responsibility for yourself and your actions.Management reserves right to refuse entry.Violent & indecent behavior will not be tolerated.


*Banned and Illegal substances would not be tolerated and we are not responsible for any individual found with such substances.Any such suspicion will lead to dismissal of right to party and be in the festival for that individual and legal actions will be taken.





As all of you are aware, we have special permission to carry on this festival from the local villages & all other concerned legal security agencies. We would just like to remind people to respect the law of the land and be respectful to the locals who are being such great help & support


. The whole reason this party is happening is because we are working closely with the authorities; obviously one of the major concerns is the use and trafficking of illegal substance. We would humbly request all that are coming to please keep this in mind.


Your safety is our primary concern. Lets keep it clean & violence free. As always support the music, not the drugs!!!

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