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HIKARI presents: The Day the Music Took Over NOV 13


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HIKARI & PHILTY presents:

The Day the Music Took Over

NOV 13 (Sat)


The time is here again to rock the dance floor this November 13th, Saturday.

teams up with PHILTY to bring you two floors of fun that will last all night and into the morning.

We welcome you to take it easy on the first floor with the latest in minimal techno and PROGRESSIVE while we rock the downstairs with our favorite talent in PSYTRANCE which will be another one of those nights you sure don't want to miss. So be sure to mark your calendars and Good vibes to all!


Dave Dittmer
(Sonic Beating, Boston)

Dave Dittmer (Tyrant) is a resident DJ for Sonic Beating's long-running 'Psyforia' in Boston, as well as for the crew's events at RISE nightclub. He's performed alongside Hallucinogen/Shpongle, Logic Bomb, Perfect Stranger, Beats Antique, Shane Gobi, Atmos, Bluetech, and many other gifted musicians. Tyrant's style of psytrance hits hard, but is also harmonious, delicate, and atmospheric; a full range of sound to match the full range of human emotion.

(3D Vision, NYC/Israel)

EarWorm is the psychedelic trance music project of Max Meshiv, born in 1986. Was infected by the psychedelic trance virus at a very young age in Israel, and now resides in New York City to infect others. What started as a fun hobby, writing music with his older brother Noam with just a basic
computer eventually took on a more committed path. Here to remind you that the frequency that was, is still present ...lurking in the shadows...alternating like day and night...even now, as we pass through the twilight hours..." EarWorm's music can be heard on danceflloors worldwide and is featured on many top level psytrance labels such as 3D Vision, Timecode, Spectral rec, Parabola Music, and Digital Psionics just to name a few.

(Hikari, Japan/Nyc)

Kno-B has been involved in the music scene since the early 90's, when he discovered the art of psychoacoustics & the sound of electronic music. In the late 90's he started to play psytrance along side of the very founders of the genre itself. Not limited to being in various live bands at the same time also. Ever since then Kno-B has been known as one of the greatest international dj's and producers in the genre of our time.

Kno-B's sound will shift and take your mind for a race. No one comes close to his style of mixing, which has been called by many "the live mix" as he mixes new tracks every three to four minutes without you ever noticing, that way keeping you on the dance floor for hours at the time. Kno-B's style has been called new and brilliant as it's something you've never experienced before. Besides being one of the top industry dj's, he is also working on various new projects that will be released in the near future. You can expect one of his cutting - edge, grand sound sets, that he's known for all around the globe.

Brandon Adams
(Dreamcatchers, NYC)


DJ, academic, and global neuronaut, Mayur has been dedicated to the NYC underground for several years. Opening for such acts as Atmos in Japan, Son Kite in Morocco, and headlining with acts such as Dijital Talk in San Francisco; there seems theres no place Mayur hasn't been! Starting about a decade ago with Spectra Productions, Mayur has since then focused his valiant efforts organizing exceptional events with Psybotik. So far this year has had a barrage of dance throbbing sets coming to you almost every weekend if you're lucky. Stay tuned for his next appearance!


aka Third Ear Syndrome (Bacteria Records)

This is the alias of the production duo better known as Third Ear Syndrome that focuses in the techno spectrum of electronic music. Their sound is full on hard and dark, and with their signature psychedelic twist, is perfect for the peak hours of the night. Their laptop' less hardware oriented half dj set, half live show is high energy and showcases some of the duos production skills. From little dark rooms in Brooklyn to the last four ULTRA MUSIC FESTIVAL's in Miami as Third Ear Syndrome they have moved people with their sets full of accents and exclamation points. Formed in Miami by Ramses Santos and Luis D. Gonzalez, both originally hail from Puerto Rico. Now based out of New York City, they have established a solid following with their appealing and aggressive sound.



(Gaian Mind / PS1 / Coalesce, Philadelphia)

Mastermind behind the legendary PSI parties and the Coalesce festival, Pat has rocked dance floors across the country with his signature blend of auditory stimulation. His sets are known to span a wide range of contemporary electronic dance music, from harder edged twilight psytrance to progressive electro tech house. Pat’s versatility, effortless mixing technique, and energetic track selection have combined to make him a crowd favorite. Smooth yet crunchy, raw yet refined, psychedelicious and immensely satisfying. The Sound of the Philly Underground!

Sublex (Hikari, Japan)

Matias Jofre

Matias Jofre, born in Argentina, has developed a deep taste of Mnml.Techno.Tech.Chill from arou nd he globe, also spin Electro, Deep, Progressive, House Sessions etc. He started listening to electronic music back in 1992 (Argentina), with music from oidmortales records. Then the beats started to flow out of his mind and it was time to start experimenting with mixing, designing sounds and producing tracks. Ever since then he's been inspired by DJs and cultures from around the world.
He continues to experiment with techniques and brings them to the dance floor. Constantly working on new music, projects and special events in the underground scene.
Matias has played with djs like Namito, Los Franzetti, Craft & Shadi, Peter Jay, Fahad, Onda Skillet etc. Has also been envolved at the Fashion Week in New York for after parties and designing specials sets.
Was invited by Fox 5, Good Day New York to perform one hour live set and interview.

Dirty Dan
(Underpunk Record U.K/ Nosi NYC)

Andrew Vog

FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE: http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/event.php?eid=126482497408603


You MUST RSVP YOUR NAME to hikariproduction@gmail.com to receive the exact location !!!

18+ to Enter
21+ w/ID to Drink

$20 Before Midnight
After Midnight

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